Stoked In The Park: Pamplona’s Other Festival

We all know about San Fermin and its infamous running of the bulls, but do you know about Pamplona’s other festival? The bull run is just one part of the famous fiesta, but the one that has delivered it both international fame and infamy. Some people hate it, they see it as cruel and barbaric; others want to try it, they see a justifiable trade off between the animals’ suffering and the undeniable rush that comes from narrowly avoiding a maiming, or worse, at the horns of a rampaging bull.

Whatever your perspective is on the bull run, however, there’s no denying the infinite delights found in the street parties that make up the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of each day of “Pamps”. Street parties, live music in the town’s many squares, impromptu DJ sets organised by local youth groups, young and old revellers from the city and all over Spain and the world. The actual party that comes before, during and after the bull run is what makes this Spanish festival truly world class and worthy of your attention. In short, don’t miss San Fermin because you’re against the bull run, nor don’t come only to run with bulls. It’s all about the party.

But too much partying is never enough, and so this year Stoke Travel is importing its Stoked in the Park music and culture festival from London to the sunny fields of Pamplona’s El Molino campsite.

Stoked in the Park is a celebration of live music and delicious food and wine, a chance for young travellers to get together on the sunny plains of Navarra and chill by the riverside, or dance in the pool, or lay under the shade of a tree and listen to bands and DJs who have come from as far away as Australia to party with us.

Stoked in the Park features international and local food trucks, wine tasting and stalls selling local products. Stoked in the Park is where sporting teams can get together and challenge each other to not-so-friendly games of netball, touch rugby, or soccer. Above all, Stoked in the Park is the place to meet and befriend fellow travellers not only from your home country, but from all over the world, and do so in a medieval village not far from Pamplona’s city centre.

If you’re staying with Stoke Travel for the Running of the Bulls, Stoked in the Park is included in your cover price. The festival takes place within the huge campsite that we call home, offering you an unbeatable venue to warm up for the parties in Pamplona, wind down after a big day running with bulls, or to spend all day and night at, as you so wish.

If you’re not staying with Stoke Travel we won’t chastise you for making such a terrible mistake, but we will implore you to come out for a visit. Tickets are available for the festival only, and you can spend the day and/or night partying with the beautifully dirty people, using our rock-climbing wall, putting on our mini-golf greens. You can float down our river on an inflatable, before returning to the dust bowl you will call your temporary Pamplona home.

Stoked in the Park is our festival within the huge and amazing festival that is San Fermin, Pamplona. Stoked in the Park doesn’t care if you run with the bulls, or hate running with the bulls, it’s simply a music festival and food fair and place to hang out and chill and have fun, and mostly have fun, always have fun, in a beautiful part of Spain, most likely the most wonderful country on earth*.

*If you judge a country by the quality and quantity of its parties, than this is surely true.

The best way to do Stoked in the Park is as a part of your Running of the Bulls stay with Stoke Travel. We have more inclusions than anybody else and stay in the legendary El Molino campsite, where we can sit on grass and chill out in the shade and take advantage of our all-you-can-drink open beer and sangria bar, for only €10 a day.