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5 Phrases to Help You Survive New Year’s Eve in Scotland

Scotland. Known for its craggy highlands, rough weather, even rougher women, and, of course, drinking. However one thing the Scots are definitely not known for is their ability to produce a comprehensible sentence, even before they’ve had their first whisky! With their language being born from a mixture of English, Scottish Gaelic, and Scots, combined with generations of slurring alcoholism, the slang commonly used in Scotland would give even the most skilled linguist a headache. So if you’re planning on heading north of the wall for the world’s rowdiest New Year’s celebration, here’s a few phrases to keep you out of too much trouble.

Stoke’s Guide to Sneaking Booze into Festivals

Festivals and alcohol go hand in hand like chemo patients and bandanas, and unfortunately, those in charge of setting the bar prices are fully aware of this and often abuse their power to leave us splashing out €5+ for a third of a pint of beer so watery it wouldn’t topple a toddler. The result of this extortionate money grabbing is a tradition as old as time itself: sneaking booze into festivals.

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