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No lockout laws in Europe

Escape the New South Wales fun police with Stoke Travel With music festivals shutting left, right and centre and it being nearly impossible to get even just a little bit festive in Sydney, Stoke Travel is proposing that everybody from New South Wales come and let their hair down in Europe this summer. Our open […]

Five Ways The Iceman Breathing Techniques Will Improve Your Life Forever

Stoke Retreats is about having the most fun you’ve ever had whilst being healthy, and as if that wasn’t enough we also endeavour to bring you life-changing experiences that will kick start you on a journey of self-improvement and spiritual zen. Which is why we are flying in a protegee of famous Guinness-world record holder […]

Stoke’s Guide To Not Failing Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s all a lot simpler than it seems at a Stoke Retreat Well what a year it’s been! And as 2018 comes to a close and 2019 winks at us from around the corner, we find ourselves asking, What does next year have in store? It’s the time of year when we declare new year, […]

Who Is Stoke Travel?

Glad you asked. This video should explain it nicely… We’re the wildest, most fun, best value, biggest, baddest and best travel company in Europe. We take more people than anybody to Europe’s biggest parties and festivals, or on snow and ski trips. If you’re going to be in Europe, and you want have a good […]

Running With Bulls Drunk And/Or On Drugs

No, we’re not talking about the bulls themselves being drunk and/or on drugs, although anybody who has ever attended a party where overly testosteroned guys are getting wasted will attest that this would be a terrifying situation. What we’re talking about here is us, the runners, doing the bull run inebriated. Drunk, or high, or […]

DUNERATS.TV Filming In Europe This Summer

And maybe playing a couple of shows The Australian surf rockers and waterpipe enthusiasts will be joining Stoke Travel from June until July, while they take a break from recording their third album, to film a few episodes of their utterly filthy web series, and play some music while they’re at it The “Dunies”, […]

A Travellers Guide To San Fermin/The Running Of The Bulls

By Stoke Travel’s 2018 Chosen One, David Duey Spargo You can run, but you cannot hide. Each year millions of revellers from all across the world filter into the beauty that is Pamplona, Spain for the festival of San Fermin, otherwise known as the Running of the Bulls. Your age, mojo, serotonin and hangover level will […]

Stoke Travel Welcomes You To Europe

Now let’s start planning your weekends. Before we start planning the wildest semester of your university career, are you hella popular and/or love organising amazing trips? Maybe a Stoke Travel ambassador role is right for you. Be the coolest kid you clique just by clicking here.  Are you ready for the semester of a lifetime? […]

A Traveller’s Guide To The Festive Season

‘Tis the season to be homesick Or, at least, that’s what you assume that Christmas away from your nearest and dearest will yield. Yuletide misery; crying under the mistletoe. But what if we told you that it doesn’t need to be so? What if Crimbo on the other side of the world could be the […]

Stoke Travel’s Ibiza Beach Camp Christmas Wish List

Things have almost ground to a halt in Ibiza as the summer tourists, workers and DJs (and Djs’ groupies) have long since departed, leaving our favourite party island all but a ghost town. So while we reminisce the summer that was, we’ve put together a Christmas wish list so that Saint Nic can deliver us […]