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Weed, scantily clad women and water. A bicycle-heavy city with a cultural combination that will ring anyone’s bell

Population: yup
Language: Dutch
Nationality: Dutchies / Hollandaise / Netherlandish / Cheeseheads
Surf report: Peeling break at the canals. Surf’s up dudes and dudettes!

Cookie-cutter must see’s: feeling serious?
Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum & Consertgebouw – all 4 buildings in museum square dedicated to history, music and the arts
Red Light District – needs no intro. If there is a red light on, you are in the right place.
Canal Cruise – a good way to see Amsterdam from the water
Anne Frank’s House – museum which was also her hideaway during the war and where she wrote her famous diary
Heineken Brewery – it’s all in the name

The alternative cool shit: feeling avant-garde? Here’s the Stoke choices:
Brothel tour – sex talk
Hitchhike on a boat to have a free ride up the canals – be sure to have a 6 pack of beer in hand
Visit de TonTon Club – a bar with ball pit and pinballs machines and cheap drinks
Suriname (in South America) is an ex-Dutch colony, so you can try some delish Suriname food at Doppermarkt

Under no circumstances does Stoke recommend….
Trying your hand at self promotion and holding a red light above your head
Going to a coffee shop and eating a whole brownie in one go if it’s the first brownie you’ve ever had

No seriously, Stoke does not recommend: tourist traps
Restaurants between central station and Dam Square
The Bulldog coffee shop – it’s really famous and old but overrun with tourists

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