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Europe’s Biggest Days, By Country

There’s nothing finer in this travelling life than being somewhere on the biggest day of their year. Accidentally stumbling across a little Spanish town on the day their having their main fiesta, or finding yourself lost in the UK when the local football team wins whatever championship. Days where you’ll find everybody partying, from the […]

Online “invasion day” advocate enjoying Jan 26th beer

It’s different when you’re overseas, it’s more about catching up with friends than celebrating genocide A weak-willed Australian man has been caught smashing back tins with his mates, despite being one of social media’s most prominent anti-Australia Day advocates. Peter Tompkins, 24, has been vocal about Australia’s shameful habit of celebrating the day that Aboriginal […]

Three big reasons why you’ll love Springfest

Springfest, known locally as frülingsfest, is Germany’s other beer festival. Every year, from mid April to the beginning of May, tens of thousands beer lovers make their way to Munich’s partying fields, because they can’t make the October celebrations, or because two beer festivals a year isn’t nearly enough, or just to say auf wiedersehen […]

Why Valencia’s Las Fallas Festival Is Literally Lit

A statement from Stoke Travel regarding usage of the term “lit” and its applicability to the Las Fallas festival. Following recent reports of one of our 40-year-old marketing executives embarrassingly describing 2018 as being “lit as fucccck”, we’d like to make some things clear. Firstly, we’d like to distance ourselves from Barry’s remarks, and reiterate […]

These Irish Stereotypes Say St Pat’s Day Dublin Is A Grand Idea

To be sure, to be sure, you’re going to be kissing us as we are Irish this Saint Paddy’s Day in Dublin. The Emerald Isle’s big day is a celebration of chasing snakes, drinking, dancing and wearing green, and no matter where you are in the world it is generally a big day of partying, […]

Stoke Travel takes gamble on outdoor London event

We’re looking at sunburn or misery, that’s all there is about it Stoke Travel has announced that they will again be holding their London Stoked in the Park and Big Day Out events outside. In what is seen as a massive gamble, the organisers have admitted that they’re really looking at a lose-lose situation. “Given […]

Why Sitges Carnival Is The Gayest

It’s the gayest time, the most merry and lovely and enjoyable time. Not only is it carnival, that global celebration once-upon-a-time marking the last hurrah before the 40 days of Lent’s abstinence, but it’s carnival done Spanish style, done Catalan style, done in a way that’s befitting of Barcelona. Sitges carnival is the gayest time […]

40 year old stoke travel executive announces that 2018 is going to be “lit”

In a move that has shocked some of his younger colleagues, 40-year-old Stoke Travel marketing executive, Barry Cassidy, has announced that 2018 is going to be “lit as fuckkkk”. A source close to the incident reported that the highly embarrassing faux pas came towards the end of a particularly productive strategy meeting. “We were just […]

Stoke Travel are looking for festival crew

We’re looking for summer festival crew. Are you ready to party your face off while meeting people from all over the world? Are you a travelling legend with a knack for helping people? We’re holding our first group interviews in London this Wednesday, 24th of January. Read on for more details. Can you drink an […]

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