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Early Bird Special

Get your 3rd (or 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th…) night free.  Your Europe trip isn’t really happening until you BOOK SOMETHING IN, and there’s no time like right now to make your 2019 dreams reality. That’s why we’re offering you an Early Bird Special. This special is for a very limited time only, on pretty much […]

What To Do In Europe For Spring Break

Whether you’re here for a semester of studying abroad, or planning a trip from your home college, there are so many things to do in Europe for Spring Break. From partying, to culture, to culture and partying, the Old World really has it all – and with budget airlines now crossing the Atlantic multiple times […]

City Profile Vienna

Population: Klein aber oho! (small but selective) Language: some weird kind of German Nationality: Austrian (no kangaroos!)   Cookie-cutter must sees: feeling serious? Here are the serious sights: Schloss Schönbrunn – it’s a fancy ass castle, once built for a former Austrian emperor. Don’t forget to bring some wine and cheese to pretend to be […]

Things To Do In Barcelona This Halloween

It’s almost Halloween time and you’re finding yourself far from your traditional trick-or-treating grounds. This is foreign territory – fun territory – but you are informed by the distinct lack of pumpkin spice in the air that this isn’t Kansas. Heck, it isn’t even Canberra, but Catalunya, and with All Hallows just around the corner […]

We’re Not The Closest Campsite To Pamplona

Which is just as well, because that campsite sucks compared to ours! In the course of your Running of the Bulls research you may have noticed that we’re not the closest campsite to Pamplona. This is true! We’re not the closest campsite to Pamplona, and in fact we’re actually the campsite furthest away from Pamplona […]

How To Decide Which European Festivals To Go To

Deciding which European festivals to attend is a conundrum that has plagued party philosophers since the heady heydays of Greek orgies. We are the only one of ourselves, with limited time on Earth and in Europe, and while we’d love to be everywhere all the time, that’s just not realistic for most of us (or […]

The Best Resorts For Apres Ski In Europe

The Best Resorts For Apres Ski In Europe At Stoke, we LOVE Winter, about as much as we love Summer, okay fine, we love every damn season as every season brings with it new adventure and amazing experiences just waiting for you. But Winter means snow, it means friends, laughs but best of all, it […]

young travellers enjoying Pamplona's running of the bulls
The Running Of The Bulls Should Be On Your Bucket List

Pamplona’s San Fermin, with its infamous bull run, has been falling in favour in recent years. Once an essential stop on any European summer jaunt, the event has seen numbers dwindling because, well, not so many young travellers are keen on torturing animals. But neither are young Pamplonans! For the youth of Pamplona the idea […]

The Chosen One Does: San Vino Aka The Wine Fight

David “Duey” Spargo was 2018’s Chosen One, a lucky deserving Stokie who won the Most Ordinary Extraordinary Job In The World competition and found himself enjoying an entire summer of Stoke Travel. Here he introduces himself and the San Vino Wine Fight festival. If you like what you hear and want to have his babies, follow […]