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Travel knowledge, stories and insights from fellow wanderers and vagabonds. Wanna get the goulash on Prague? Wanna know the best of Budapest? Want the dirty facts of fascist Germany or the memoirs of a maiden in the Red Light District? Click on my culture-consuming friend…..Stokepedia is where you’ll find real life stories about travel and roaming and everything in between.

Australia Day In Spain

Today is Australia Day! And while Stoke Travel is truly Europe’s international travel company, the founders and some of the staff are proudly Australian, and as such we’ve decided that today will be a half day.   If any of you didn’t know, Australia Day is good for:   Australians of all backgrounds and races […]

7 Ways To Prepare For Your Andorra Trip

With winter upon us you’d think we’d be snuggling up on the sofa, or heading south to Morocco. But you’d be wrong, ‘cause at Stoke the party never stops. And winter is good for some things. Snowboarding and skiing, for example. And although ‘tax-free white powder and free flowing booze’ may sound like a Wolf […]

Four Reasons Las Fallas Is The Hottest Festival In Spain

Las Fallas celebrates the coming of spring in the hottest way imaginable. And it’s not just the sexy Spaniards (and your band of international compatriots) that’ll have you sweating, it’s the street parties. You see these fiestas involve lots and lots of fire. And as the population of Valencia (the city where it all takes […]

Six ‘Easy’ Ways To Save Money For Europe 2017

We all know that travelling — even cheapskate, hobo style travel — is more expensive than staying put in your parents basement. You know it, I know it and #wanderlust warriors know it too. But no-one says it. “Anyone can travel” we all proclaim. And this is (to some extent) true. However, here at Stoke […]

Stoke’s Favorite #kookslams (And How To Avoid Them)

We’ve seen a fair few #kooks out in the water over the years, but don’t worry – we’ve all been there. And if you’ve ever fucked up half as dramatically as one of these guys, then you’re probably (deep down) a bit of a secret surf god/goddess. That said – you know what’s better than […]

50 Fiestas Episode Six: The Tall Story Of Saint James

In this episode Stoke’s own 50 Fiestas head out to Spain’s far northwest province of Galicia, the destination for 100,000’s of religious pilgrims, looking for the real story behind St James the apostles resting place. What they found is a land full of Celtic culture, mythology and traditions, yet another part of Spain that was […]

UN Urges Global Move Towards Stoke Travel

Lesser consumption of one-size-fit-all travel tours is necessary to save the world from the worst impacts of drunken lads on tour, UN report says. James Booth   An airport in Stansted, London. The UN says “generic group travel tours” are on par with fossil fuel consumption because both rise rapidly with increased economic growth.   A […]

how to not suck at life
Breaking News: It’s Not Millennials Fault They Suck At Life

I’m sure that by now you’ve seen the “millennials in the workplace” rant by Simon Sinek. If not then have a quick squiz…     We’ve been having a bit of a chin wag up here at Stoke Towers, and decided that someone who gives seminars on how to improve workplace productivity for a living […]

The Stages Of Being A Surf Newbie

When you learn to surf at our San Sebastian Surf Camp — incidentally one of the best places in the world for it — chances are beforehand you’ll either be excited or shitting yourself (or maybe those two things aren’t mutually exclusive…). And after seeing glossy media of perfect people doing perfect manoeuvres in front […]

Revelations Of An Intern: Barcelona

Hemingway once said “to go to bed at night” in Madrid marks you as “totes strange”, and that “for a long time your friends will be a little uncomfortable about it”. I’ve come to learn that Stoke Towers Barcelona operate on a similar premise, and that no-one goes to bed “until the night has been […]

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