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Things To Do Next Week

Did you know that next week could be the best week of your life? Yep, it sure could be, any week could be, but next week is looking especially promising. But that all depends on what you do. Let’s explore some options. More of the same.Work, school, watch TV, get drunk with your friends, eat […]

Why 24 Hours Of Las Fallas Is Nowhere Near Enough

So by now you know what Las Fallas is, and why it’s so much greater than St. Patrick’s Day. You’ve totally decided to come, because making good decisions is your forte, and this one is a no-brainer. There’s probably a little confusion as to how you should do Las Fallas, because these Spanish street parties […]

Five Ways To Prepare For Ibiza NOW

Ibiza is fantastic and you’re just going to love it. Is it the greatest place in the world? If you like having fun, then it may as well be. It’s a place where the rich and famous rub shoulders with the beautiful, wild and fun. Which one are you? We’re wild and fun.  But isn’t […]

Carnival In Spain

Have you noticed all the feather boas around at the moment? All the face painting and face masks and fancy dress and dancing parades? It’s because it’s currently carnival! That week-long party that serves as one finally hurrah before we all give up on the fun stuff (booze, casual sex, drugs) for 40 days and […]

Stoke Travel Is For Lovers

Are you one? It’s Valentine’s Day! And as such we feel the need to spread the love with you, our beautiful Stokies. For most people Valentine’s Day is the day when the romantically unadventurous show their affection for their significant others/crushes by doing basic things like giving them dead plants. No offence to anyone who […]

How To Spring Break, European Style

You might think that being on the old continent Stoke Travel were immune to the hedonistic charms of Spring Break, but you would think wrong. We love Spring Break, not because we actually have anything to break from, but because it represents a helluva party, and if there’s one thing we adore it’s hella partying. The […]

5 Reasons Las Fallas in Valencia beats St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

We’ve been hearing people umming and ahhing about whether to go to Las Fallas in Valencia or St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, and we just have to let you know that it’s a no-brainer! Oh boy, we just can’t get enough of Spanish fiestas, and Las Fallas is one of the finest. Here we present […]

Working Out On The Road

When you think of health and fitness you might not think of Stoke Travel and vice versa. But that would make you ignorant. We’re big-time into crunching the sweat glands and are often found pushing pig and moving heavy objects from one place to the next. Half of the office does one squat for every […]

Pre-Apocalypse Party

Travel Now, Worry About It Later There’s never been a better time than right now to pack it all up and head off into the world. Nothing is certain anymore, the world as we know it is changing, and all of the old notions of saving for the future, building a property portfolio and concentrating […]

patron saint of barcelona st eulalia 13 tortures
The Horrible History Of Barcelona’s Saint Eulalia

Her of the cathedral, and the streets, and this weekend’s PARTY! If you’ve paid any attention to the signs around Barcelona this week, you’ll know that this weekend if the festival of Saint Eulalia, one of the two patron saints of the city, along with Merce. Eulalia is the saint who acts as the cathedral’s […]