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Travel knowledge, stories and insights from fellow wanderers and vagabonds. Wanna get the goulash on Prague? Wanna know the best of Budapest? Want the dirty facts of fascist Germany or the memoirs of a maiden in the Red Light District? Click on my culture-consuming friend…..Stokepedia is where you’ll find real life stories about travel and roaming and everything in between.

The New And Improved Stoke Travel Passport

Introducing the Stoke Travel Passport   Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! Zalig Kerstfeest! Joyeux Noël! Buon Natale! Nizhonigo Keshmish! Bon Nadal! Eguberri on!   Or Bah humbug, whatever floats your boat.   Given the pace of the silly season we’re not expecting many Stokies to read this, but for those who are BOY ARE YOU IN […]

Weird European Christmas Traditions

Christmas in Europe is fucken strange   As if a fat bloke from the North Pole flying around the whole world using reindeers for power and sliding down your chimney to give you presents — all in one night — isn’t downright bizarre.   (On that, Rudolph’s nose isn’t really going to illuminate much, is […]

Four Reasons You Should Never Travel With Friends

After running millions of surfaris through northern Spain and southern France, festival trips to La Tomatina, Pamplona, and Oktoberfest, and (only thousands) of weekend getaways to Andorra, here at Stoke, if nothing else, we’re qualified to give advice on group travel. So today, to kick off a fresh series of mind boggling #travelhacks, we thought […]

East Coast Spirit Fairy Has Faith In Universe Restored

With the charging of the crystals the chakras can finally be aligned Last month Bumblebee Wallflower was all but done with the universe. Expecting a “supermoon” the non-gender-specific, self-proclaimed alternative lifestyles/eastern-and-new-age religion/vocal vegan had all but burnt out their(?) crystals. “Leading up to last month’s supermoon I used my crystals to manifest everything, and it […]

sex in tent
If Pillows Could Talk

They’d say things that’d make you puke. Let us paint you a scene. You’ve imbibed the unlimited beer and sangria while pre-gaming for Springfest. You’ve gone into the Munich beer halls with your travelling companions and all the new chums you’ve picked up from the camp. You dance on tables and you swallow the smooth […]

World’s Best Beer Festivals

If there’s one thing that we love at Stoke Travel it’s a good party, doubly so when the star of the show is beer, our favourite golden liquid (there wasn’t much competition for that one). If you know anything about us then you know that our Oktoberfests are legendary — month-long orgies of beer and […]

Stoke Boozeletter 16/12/16

THE WORLD’S BEST PASSPORT It’s official, the Stoke Travel passport is now the world’s best, giving you 12 nights of all-inclusive travel across more than 20 destinations, and all for a measly €550, which converts to “bugger-all” or “like, that’s totally cheap Brittney” in your currency. Read more about the passport here And for unbiased […]

Stoke Travel Announces Equally Shitty 2017

If you thought 2016 was bad, Stoke Travel have announced that they would be offering much of the same in 2017, shattering global hopes for an improvement on this year’s fuckedness. People around the world are hoping that 2016 would just end, investing hope in a generally improved 2017. Stoke Travel, while joining in the […]

Breaking News: Catalan Independence To Be Decided By El Clasico

The intense rivalry between Spanish football teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona FC, didn’t come about by accident. The standing of the two provinces politically has always been competitive. Madrid, the capital of Spain (and seat of the royal family) has historically been the region promoting conservatism. Barcelona, on the other hand, has always been at […]

5 Reasons Drinking Beer In Spring Is A Great Idea

With winter upon us it’s easy to turn into a shivering, lifeless blob. Summer picnics and beach days have vanished from memory (along with your motivation to exercise), and life’s looking bleak. So what do you do? You write a list of reasons why it’s going to be oh so good when it’s over, when […]

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