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La Tomatina Information

Additional information about La Tomatina, Spain’s famous tomato fight. To book your camping or hotel trip with Stoke Travel, head over to the La Tomatina page. LA TOMATINA ACCOMMODATION As we’re pretty accommodating folk and want your tomato throwing experience to be as stress-free as possible, we can pre-erect tents, blow up mattresses and roll […]

REPORT: San Sebastian Surf Camp Actually In Real House

Reports have come out of San Sebastian, in Spain’s Basque Country, claiming that Stoke Travel’s Surf Camp there isn’t in tents, but in a real-life house with really real beds. The revelations will come as a shock to anybody who has visited a surf camp in Europe and has come to expect stays in tents […]

IMPRESSIVE: Backpacker Ticks Europe Off Bucket List

The crucible of Western civilisation done in under a month Sam Livingstone, a 23-year-old Australian backpacker, has reportedly “done” Europe in a little under a month. The self-proclaimed traveller, who has previously only done continents closer to home, had always harboured a desire to visit the Old World. “I just love travelling, I guess i’ve […]


Ein Prosit! Ein Prosit is German for “cheers”, something you’ll be doing often at a beer drinking festival. Oktoberfest is Germany’s unashamedly boozy beer festival filled with all the stereotypes that you expect of it, but really what is Oktoberfest? Happy, merry, often beerbelly-sporting, Munich locals, young and old, families and groups of friends and […]

Five Ways To Travel Europe For Free

The absolutely best way to travel Europe for free is to be one of our Chosen Ones! We want to show you the best Stoke summer of your life, and all you have to do is enjoy it (and document it, and share it with the world). Are you ready to step outside your comfort […]

What Is The Wine Fight?

Alternatively known as the Batalla de Vino de Haro, or San Vino, the Wine Fight is, quite simply, what the name suggests – a battle, with wine. Red wine, to be precise, from Spain’s La Rioja winemaking regions, one of the world’s finest. It’s also the first party of Stoke’s summer schedule, a somewhat underground […]

the best ways to travel on a budget

The inevitable has finally happened. You’ve been dreading this day for awhile but the time has come. You’ve officially been cut off from your folks back home. No more handouts, freebies, cheques – anything. You’re officially on your own and you think that your travel plans for the summer are over.


Located in Munich’s Obermenzing neighbourhood, Stoketoberfest is Stoke Travel’s Oktoberfest destination and by far our biggest event of the year. Stoketoberfest is Munich’s only all-inclusive accommodation option, Oktoberfest’s biggest party outside of the beer halls, a temporary home for more international partiers than anywhere else in Munich, a safe space where you are free to […]

San Fermin: So Much More than Running with Bulls

Since the days of Ernest Hemingway, tourists and adventure seekers across the globe have gravitated to the annual San Fermin Festival in Pamplona for its most famous attraction: the bull run.  Adrenaline junkies after their next fix, macho types looking to prove their studliness, and herds of one-beer-too-many “sounds like a great idea” travelers flock […]

tips for traveling in large groups

The summer is approaching and you and your mates have just booked the last flight to round out the two-week excursion you’re about to embark on. Everything has been packed, goodbyes have been said, you’ve landed in Europe, and now… the chaos commences.

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