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Morocco Surf Camp 2016
Trouble In Paradise

Take a moment to enjoy the last few days of sunshine. It’s true, all good things come to an end and summer is no exception. All you sun-hungry individuals looking to escape some cold and drama for a few warm evenings, Morocco may be your answer.

Messy On The First Day

Gossip Bitch here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives in Barcelona.
Who get’s Messi on their first day in Barcelona? These guys certainly do. The ball kicking and head throbbing in the morning kind.

Barcelona: Day Zero Impressions

This morning, I am that guy shouting nonsensical statements at his laptop in a thick accent in the corner of your local café, aggression increasing steadily with each sip of the brown goodness.

Seasons Beatings

Ho Ho Hoes. Sound the trumpets, strumpets! It’s the holidays and most of our worn out stokies have left the campsites and scattered around the globe to be with friends and family, take a break from insanity and maybe for some, work a normal job during the slower seasons.

Boozed And Bruised

Hey Barcelona, Gossip Bitch here.
If there’s one thing I learned this past weekend it’s that a little bruising is good for the soul (and the stories). Here’s what the itinerary looked like