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Pamplona bull vows to float like butterfly, sting like bee

A Pamplona running bull has vowed to bring a bit of the old razzle dazzle to this year’s San Fermin festival. The young male, who has spent the majority of his life training for this one event, issued some chilling premonitions during a recent press conference. “I’m going to float like a butterfly, sting like […]

BREAKING: Facebook Doesn’t Like It When We Swear, The Firetrucking Sea Hunts

It has been revealed that much of Stoke Travel’s groundbreaking news and current affairs content isn’t reaching its audience due to Facebook’s restrictions on crabby language. The content, most likely referencing patrying, booze sex, drugs or an awesome combination of the bunch, has reached only a fraction of Stoke Travel’s audience, likely due to the […]

BREAKING: Netherlands Claims Amsterdam “More Than Hookers and Weed”

Dutch officials and the City of Amsterdam have released a news bulletin claiming that there is more to the capital city than brothels and coffee shops. “The Netherlands, and Amsterdam especially, have a rich history and culture,” said Liam Van Der Kaamp, a spokesperson for the City of Amsterdam.  “It’s time people understood that we […]

Dutch Man Plans On Messing His Hair Up For Kings Day

Amsterdam native, Chris Van Der Jagt, 24, plans on disturbing his perfect coif this King’s Day. The hairstyle, painstakingly sculpted and maintained  by liberal application of hairspray, is predicted to be one of the biggest casualties of what will be the Dutchman’s wildest party of the year. King’s Day, formerly Queen’s Day, is a 48-hour […]

Best Instagram Locations: Ibiza

Spring Break Ibiza is right around the corner. You’ve put in hours of hard work trying to come up with the ultimate packing list –  New bikini? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Condoms? You really should. You’ve got all the gear that will make everyone back home cringe with jealousy while they scroll through your Instagram feed

7 Things You Should Know Before King’s Day 

By Nicola Donovan  Ah Amsterdam, the Dutch capital known for its red lights, cannabis and canals. No one knows how to party quite like the Dutchies, and King’s Day is without a doubt their loosest celebration of the year.  This April, join Stoke as they celebrate the King’s birthday bash in Amsterdam. But before you […]

Stoke’s Guide To King’s Day Festival

Why wouldn’t someone want to join us in celebrating the biggest party of the year in the Netherlands? That’s right, we know you don’t want to miss this opportunity to come and party until the break of dawn with us. The Kings Day Festival is held in the almighty Amsterdam,  home of the infamous red […]

Stoke Travel News Desk, 14th March

Want more information on the big stories? Here are the links so you can get behind the news and be the smartest person in your whole tribe. A young traveller realises that running with bulls is a really fucken bad idea The revelation came pretty soon after the bull run began. And a first time […]

The Ultimate Saint Patrick’s Day Plan

Saint Patrick’s Day is this weekend, and is there a better plan than celebrating the world’s most widely celebrated party day at its spiritual and geographical epicentre? We think not. That’s why this St Paddy’s we’re heading up to the Emerald Isle and celebrating the day the little green man chased away all the snakes […]

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