City Guide

The Vienna of Spain. Stylish and classic city with a Spanish sangria-soaked twist. Fans of street festivals and oranges.

Population: shitloads
Language: Catalan, Spanish and every other language under the sun
Nationalities: yes
Surf report: barrels at the Turia fountain at Plaza de la Virgin. Bring your GoPro for some tunnel shots

Cookie-cutter must see’s: feeling serious? Here’s the serious sights:
Plaza del Reina – the central plaza surrounded by beautiful buildings and cute shops and restaurants
City of Arts and Sciences – 6 futuristic buildings by local architects. They are most impressive at night when the lights are on
Central Market – food market where Valencians shop for local produce of all sorts
Valencia Cathedral and the Holy Grail – The church of Plaza del Reina that’s said to house the cup that Jesus drank from

The alternative cool shit: feeling avant-garde? Here’s the Stoke choices:
Water and wine – we take you here too if you like, to the tiny town of Requena where people are so keen on wine that they douse each other in it…. all the while marching to the tune of the trumpet and horn in their marching brass band.
Paella night at our beachside campsite – Valencia is the home of paella and this here campsite is where our chefs were first instructed on the fine art of paella preparation. All to tantalise your taste buds
After(pool)party – pick this add-on to really sum up an incredible experience. We’re getting wet and wild at a massive club with pools and palm trees and babes galore

Under no circumstances does Stoke recommend….
Going down the superslide at camp with your bum bared to give you some speed

No seriously, Stoke does not recommend:
Wearing flipflops to the tomato fight – you will lose them in the pulpy mass that is the ground beneath your feet

Three Reasons Why You Should Stay In A Hotel For La Tomatina

We love our camps! All of them, especially the La Tomatina beachside camp, just north of Valencia with its pool, and the playa, and onsite bar and restaurant and the huge parties we throw there and the even huger paella we cook… But sometimes we need a little hotel in our lives, and that’s why […]

Why Valencia’s Las Fallas Festival Is Literally Lit

A statement from Stoke Travel regarding usage of the term “lit” and its applicability to the Las Fallas festival. Following recent reports of one of our 40-year-old marketing executives embarrassingly describing 2018 as being “lit as fucccck”, we’d like to make some things clear. Firstly, we’d like to distance ourselves from Barry’s remarks, and reiterate […]

Shit Hot Tomato Recipe

Hey remember that bit in A Series Of Unfortunate Events where the Baudelaire kids make pasta puttanesca instead of roast beef? Turns out pasta puttanesca not only makes Count Olaf angry but it’s also associated with prostitutes. Apparently they were into it because it could be cooked quickly between clients and it also smells pretty […]

La Tomatina Information

Additional information about La Tomatina, Spain’s famous tomato fight. To book your camping or hotel trip with Stoke Travel, head over to the La Tomatina page. LA TOMATINA ACCOMMODATION As we’re pretty accommodating folk and want your tomato throwing experience to be as stress-free as possible, we can pre-erect tents, blow up mattresses and roll […]

The Chosen One: Stoke’s La Tomatina

Editor’s note: over the winter we ran a competition to find the “Chosen One”, a one-of-a-kind, absolutely average, everyday hero who would win our Most Ordinary Extraordinary Job In The World — a summer of back-to-back Stoke Travel trips, where not only would they be expected to have the time of their life, but to […]

How To Pick Up At A Tomato Fight

Tips to help you pick up in the middle of a tomato fight JOSEPHINE RYAN MURPHY Food fights may seem like a carefree fun idea but anyone who’s experienced a tomato fight, the real deal, knows it’s some serious shit. Tomatoes fly everywhere, taking people down all around you, It becomes every man/woman for themselves. […]

The 5 Best Things You Can Do With Tomatoes

JOSEPHINE RYAN MURPHY Tomatoes are an incredibly underrated food. A wise man once said “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad”. Any food with a quote like that attached to it has to be good. Good enough that we’ve made a list of the […]

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