Study Abroad Student Takes Well Deserved Spring Break

spring bAn American student studying in Barcelona has taken leave from her studying commitments in order to enjoy the island paradise of Ibiza.
Maddie Cochran, 21, felt that after half a semester of barely attending class and taking every opportunity to party and/or travel, she’d earned the time away from her tertiary education.

“It got to the point where I was counting down the days to Spring Break,” explains Cochran, “university had just become such a drag, except for weekends, because I’ve been to Florence, Paris and Madrid the past three weekends, and we only study half days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, plus I have every Friday off, but apart from that such a drag!”
The international business student finds it especially taxing to have to take Spanish language classes once a week, despite the hour effort counting for a full university credit toward her barely related degree. “Oh I know, it’s so annoying! I was getting by fine with Yo no hablo español, but now they’re forcing me to become pretty much fluent. I guess it will help when I’m back in Florida and want to hit up taco Tuesday.

“But none of that will matter when I’m in Ibiza for Spring Break! I’m really going to make the most of my break away from Spanish class, mostly by chatting to hot Spanish boys and filling my Instagram with fire captures.”

Friends agree that the half semester abroad has been especially taxing on the recently single sorority sister. “Oh nobody goes as hard as Maddie,” explained classmate Jessica Rabstein, “she’s out at least three nights during the week, minimum! I know everybody says that studying abroad is easy, and the classes are mostly impossible to fail, but you trying doing a two-hour afternoon tutorial after getting home at 5am.”

Cochran agrees. “People who say that studying abroad is a breeze have no idea what it’s like to be hungover five days a week. It’s exhausting, and having to go to class really gets in the way of me being able to recover for the night ahead. I’m so glad that we have this break so I can go out to Ibiza and relax and party until the sun comes up every day and wake up in the afternoon with mimosas.”

But the Mediterranean island paradise won’t be all fun and games for Cochrane. “You know how hard it is to constantly have to convince my parents this is a cultural experience? The trip just can’t be spent in the club, I’ll have to explore the beaches too. It’s kind of like having to work.”

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