Surfing And Road Tripping

surfing and road tripping

Surfing and road tripping are cool

Nobody can deny that. It takes skill and confidence and patience and timing. We have two of those qualities. But Stoke can still be surfing and road tripping like it never went out of fashion. And it never did. The sheer force of the powerful ocean faced against you with just a simply waxed piece of fiberglass and the scantily clad admirers on the beach, you cannot feel sexier. Making a drop-in, getting a wave, giving a wave to your mates and fellow road trippers. You will feel like Jesus gliding on water. Even as an admirer, you can’t get a better pedicure than your toes in the sand through 2 different countries.

But wait… road trips are cool too. The wind and adventure, the sheer force of the road against you, playing your road trip songs out of a shitty speaker, taking directions from your crappy yet faithful navigator next to you. You can’t get a better hair cut than hanging your head out of the window in a tight tunnel. It takes patience and courage and skill and… well I’m repeating myself. The two are equally awesome is what I’m trying to say, and both things you should try in your life once…. more than once.

So a few years ago we decided to mix the two impressive activities of surfing and road tripping. To take a road trip with you to all the best surf spots on the Atlantic coast, from Spain to France; an international surfenture.

Of course, your boards are included, the van is (obviously included. Don’t bring your own), driven by your surf expert guide friend. Friends are not included, but new friends are. Because of course, this is Stoke, and there’s a lot of beers and wine to drink on the beach after a big day.

If you’re a little gromlet or an old goblin, we can teach you how to surf, or let you go as you please and point out the best spots to rip a curl or quik a silver.

Bikinis, sunsets, sand, sun, comfort, fires, sunsets, fish, ocean sprays, surfing and road tripping… what’s your reason not to go international surfing?