Things You Could Be Doing This Weekend

It’s the start of the week which means it’s about time to start looking towards the coming weekend. Now, not all weekends are created equal, and this is one of the more exceptional weekends of the year – summer is well and truly upon us, the world sporting stage is alight with its greatest spectacle, there’s a music festival every other day…

So what are you going to do with this weekend? You need to choose carefully, because while we don’t want to put you under too much stress, there will never be another weekend like this one. You will never be this young, at such a ripe summer moment, ever again.

So here’s a little list of things you could be doing this weekend.

  1. Try some new, delicious food
    This is a great way to spend this weekend. Try something new! Maybe a new wine from the Pamplona-adjacent wine making region, maybe a paella. Have you had an authentic Australian pie before? This weekend could be an amazing time to try one, if not all, of these things.
  2. Do some yoga
    A healthy weekend, or maybe just a healthy beginning to a debaucherous weekend. Doesn’t matter, a little yoga practice is a great weekend filler. Do it with a group, friends, strangers, doesn’t matter. It’s fun, funny, healthy and even better when it’s completely free and included in your weekend’s accommodation package.
  3. Listen to some sick beats
    Dance like nobody’s watching. Lose yourself to dance. Shake yo’ thang. Let the world know what you’re made of. Bangers. Electronic. Rock ‘n’ roll. Whatever gets your tail feathers ruffled. Art Vs Science. Honey Hayze. Mesmeriser. Whatever gets you excited.
  4. Go camping
    A perfect plan any weekend, but this weekend, this summery weekend, this hot weekend with star filled nights is the perfect time to go camping. Imagine, though, if you could camp without having your own gear, just imagine if there was some magical land where your tent was set up for your arrival with a mat and sleeping bag set up inside it…
  5. Get some culture
    Go and see something new. Go travelling somewhere. Hang out with the locals, see how they are spending their weekend. If you’re lucky you might see them in the middle of a party, maybe the biggest party of the year, when they’re dressed in white and red, raging in the town square, drinking sangria.
  6. Play some friendly team sports
    Get active this weekend! Kick, pass, dust the boots off. Win! At all costs! Crush your opponents… because everyone knows that there’s really no such thing as friendly sport –  even the games that start off friendly end up vicious.
  7. Go to a pool party
    Pool parties are fabulous and glamorous and where ridiculously good-looking people frolic and flourish and check each other out and not have to go too far when it’s time to pee…  
  8. Float down a river
    Like a pool party, but with less beats, more relaxation, no chlorine. It’s a peaceful alternative to the pool party, a chance to just lay back and watch the birds of prey wheel and whirl above.
  9. Mess around with savage beasts
    Dangerous party animals.
  10. Simply lay on the grass, under some shade, and do absolutely nothing
    Enough said.
  11. BONUS
    Imagine doing all of these things, and then some more, all at the one event. Well that’s what we’re proposing with our ULTIMATE WEEKEND PLAN, Stoked In The Park, coinciding with Spain’s famous San Fermin fiesta taking place in Pamplona. Forget about running with bulls, come along for live music including Art Vs Science, DJs, pool parties, food trucks, wine tasting, friendly sports competitions, daily yoga – and all taking place in the El Molino campsite, with plenty of grass to lay around on and beautiful shade to lay under.