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    Barcelona to Las Fallas 2019

Barcelona to Las Fallas 2019

Valencia, Spain

15th - 20th March 2019

Ride With us From Barcelona to Las Fallas Festival 2019

Stoke’s awesome Las fallas festival includes return private bus from Barcelona, cabin-style accommodation sleeping bags, hot hearty breakfast each morning and delicious dinner every night, nightly transfers to and from Las Fallas, experienced guides, unlimited beer and sangria available at the campsite for 10 euros per day and free shots and crazy drink deals at a central bar in Valencia every night to pre-game for massive nights out during the Festival!

Spain is famous for its unique and crazy street festivals, and this fiesta is one-of-a-kind. Las Fallas takes place in Valencia, a couple of hours from Barcelona so there’s no way we’re missing this festival! Our weekend round trip includes 3 nights of partying, and 2 nights of accommodation at our kick ass cabin-style accommodations at our private campsite. We leave Barcelona at 4pm and arrive in Valencia around 9pm, Saturday night. After a weekend of partying, we leave Valencia at 2am after La Crema (the massive bonfire) and arrive in Barcelona around 7am on Tuesday morning, the 20th.

Las Fallas is a celebration of the coming of spring. It is a festival to wish a jubilant bon voyage to winter, where locals bid farewell to those cold days and even colder nights by building giant ninots (puppets or dolls) out of cardboard, wood, paper machè and plaster, and then burn them to the ground. There are spectacular fireworks set off from every angle, and, of course, drinking sangria and dancing in the streets.

The ninots are made to look lifelike and usually fit in with current events, poking fun at Spanish politicians and celebrities. The massive structures are sometimes lifted into place by cranes on the day of la plantà or the rising, and they remain here until the 19th March, the day of the burning. Young men wander around the city with axes making little hard-to-spot holes in the ninots and stuffing them full of fireworks. Just before midnight the crowds in Valencia start to chant, the streetlights are turned off and finally at midnight the ninots are set on fire. What follows is an explosion of fireworks, roaring fires and full-on excitement.

Stoke Travel Does Las Fallas Festival

In true Stokie style, each year at Las Fallas Festival we host a weekend of camping nearby with our ever-present bar of unlimited beer and sangria! We’ll be warm and cozy in our cabins when we pass out so all you have to do is tumble into bed once the celebrations are over. Our chef will cook up a culinary storm and we’ll have crazy drink deals in a central Valencia Bar every night to pre-game for the long party ahead of us. If you’re looking for a weekend of mayhem from Barcelona, Stoke has you covered. Check out our trip options here.

PRICE: €195 | AU$ 280 | US$ 210 | £165 per person

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€ 195 weekend trip from Barcelona
€ 60 per day meet us there
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Key Features

  • Where: Valencia, Spain
  • When: 17th - 20th March 2019
    15th - 20th March if you meet us there
  • How: Ride With us from Barcelona to Las Fallas Valencia
  • Age: Young at heart traveller 18+. Free trip if you bring your grandma
  • Sleep: Cabin-style accommodation with sleeping bags provided
  • Eat: Hot and hearty breakfasts each morning and delicious dinners every evening

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17th - 20th March

Ride With Us from Barcelona

Stoke Travel

£ 0

€ 195

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Trip option: Ride With Us from Barcelona


  • Return private bus transport. Bus leaves Plaza Catalunya Saturday, March 17 at 4pm and arrives in Valencia at 9pm. It departs Valencia for Barcelona at 2am on Tuesday the 20th March right after La Crema, arriving in Barcelona at 7am.
  • 2 nights Cabin Style Accommodation at our Stoke campsite with sleeping bag
  • Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Stoke guides to the “Nit de Foc” or night of fire
  • Stoke guides to La Crema
  • Stoke guides to La Mascleta” a mid day firework show
  • Nightly free shots and drink deals at a Central Valencia Bar


  • Unlimited beer and sangria at the Stoke campsite for 10 euros per day
15th - 20th March


per night

Stoke Travel

£ 0

€ 60

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  • Cabin-style accommodation with sleeping bag provided
  • Hot breakfast daily
  • Delicious dinner every night
  • Nightly transfers to and from Las Fallas for 1.50 euros
  • Experienced guides to lead you through the mayhem
  • Access to unlimited beer and sangria at the Stoke campsite for 10 euros per day
  • Nightly free shots and drink deals at a Central Valencia Bar


  • Unlimited beer and sangria at the Stoke campsite for 10 euros per day
Full or Canceled
  • March 17th 

    Ride With Us Bus Departs from Barcelona at 4pm arriving in Valencia at 9pm.

    March 18th and 19th 

    Wake up to a hearty breakfast at the campsite before heading to Valencia to check out the daytime festivities. Return to Stoke campsite for dinner where we’ll get on the unlimited beer and sangria then head into town again to the bar for some crazy drink deals! Party til the break of dawn!

    March 19th 

    La Crema or the Burning, the biggest night of the festival!

    Ride With Us Bus will depart right after the Burning Ceremony directly from Valencia center at 2am to return to Barcelona on Monday March 20th at 7am, in time to return to reality

  • Where the Wild Oranges roam.

    We stay just outside Valencia city at Camping Coll Vert. The campsite is well connected to Valencia city, and we’ll have nightly guided shuttles or during the day you can hop on the public bus for just €1.50 to get into Valencia to enjoy Las Fallas!

    The campsite is not wild in the slightest, with full-time security, a bar, restaurant and shop onsite, a great swimming pool, clean amenities and great authentic Spanish atmosphere.

    And there is so much more to the region outside of the festivities! Valencia has a wonderful old walled city, great modern architecture, clubs, restaurants, beaches and bars. It’s just wonderful! Come and see it! You’re going to love it! We adore it!

    Campsite Address:

    Carretera del Riu, 486
    46012 – Pinedo (Valencia)

    How to get there

    Check GoEuro for the best deals on flights, buses and trains on getting to Barcelona.

    what3words gives every 3m x 3m in the world a unique 3 word address. This one describes the precise location of the campsite. Click here to learn more.
  • Enter all of your questions in the Ask a Question Tab and we’ll answer them here…

    Do you provide transport from Valencia centre?
    We will have guides to take you on the public bus for just €1.50 to get into Valencia to enjoy Las Fallas!

    What is the breakfast like?
    Breakfast is bacony and eggy and delicious. Sometimes there’a pancake or two thrown in for good measure. Our chefs are pretty dang good at food.

    Are there lockers where we can put our passports or other important items?
    The campsite itself has no lockers, but we have a camper van which gets locked every night and we can put small valuables in there during the festival and when we’re away from the campsite.

    Are these questions really the most frequently asked?
    No, but if you have any specific questions you must email info@stoketravel.com – the guys in the office know absolutely everything about anything.

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  • What an incredible weekend in Valencia, Las Fallas is craaazy! - Jimmy, UK

  • The Stoke Travel crew were brilliant guides. We'll definitely be going again next year - Stephanie, Barcelona

  • My mind was blown at how big the ninots were. The fireworks were sick and we ran around all night going wild in the street parties - Sam, Australia

  • A party like no other, the Spanish really know how to throw a street party. Bring on Las Fallas 2018! - Joost, Amsterdam