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  • Barcelona to San Vino 2017
  • Barcelona to San Vino 2017
  • Barcelona to San Vino 2017

Barcelona to San Vino 2017

Haro, La Rioja, Spain | 27th - 30th June

Ride with us from Barcelona to San Vino 2017

If you’ve clubbed yourself crazy in Barcelona, why not take a 2-day break and come to one of the most awesome (and crazy) cultural experiences of your life from Barcelona to San Vino 2017? We have buses to take you to the tiny town of Haro in the hills of La Rioja province. Here you will find a little cobblestoned, cozy village that for 2 days a year goes absolutely nuts.

Our friendly folk will meet you at Plaza Catalunya in front of Hard Rock Cafe on the 28th June for your Barcelona to San Vino 2017 trip, where we will depart by noon. After introductions to your fellow Stokies and high fives all round, we will jump on the bus and embark on our Barcelona to San Vino 2017 adventure. The bus is spacious, so there’s plenty of room to relax and unwind. Several shots and a little shut eye later, we will arrive in Haro. Once we arrive there is nothing left for you to worry about, apart from having the time of your life. Our bunch of helpful guides will be there to answer any questions you may have, and to assist you where necessary before you’re let loose into the madness that is San Vino 2017! Easy…let the three days of fun commence. After a few beautiful and blurry wine-filled days later, the bus will depart at noon on the 30th June from the Haro campsite. The bus is due to arrive in Barcelona around 7pm. (See ‘How To Get There’ for more details.)

What is San Vino?

There are live performers doing everything from Spanish classics to Justin Bieber’s latest profound piece of music. We’ll drink and dance and frolic and attempt to salsa and have the night of our lives with the locals. We’ll maybe sleep for an hour and then we’ll get our festival whites, grab our weapons (boxes of red wine) on and head on public buses up the hill at 7am.
They mayor will lead the whole town up the cliffs of Bilibio to a mass in honour of San Pedro.

You’ll look out over the beautiful surrounding countryside and sigh at the tranquility…. and then someone will dump a bucket of red wine on your head. All hell will break loose and you will eventually emerge exhausted, exhilarated… and purplish-pink. After washing off in the creek, we’ll head back to the square for more celebrating and chasing around heifers- or men dressed up as heifers. Oh, the joys of a Spanish festival. They’ve got it right. Ride with us from Barcelona to San Vino 2017.

Costs: €250 | US$ 306 | £232 | AUS$ 377



(Don’t know what The Stoke Travel Passport is? Check it out here! Your universe will change.)

Stoke Travel Passport holders are eligible for Ride With Us from Barcelona all-inclusive three night package.

Get Snapchat famous at San Vino

On Snapchat? At this year’s wine fight you’ll be able to snap into their Live Story covering all the action of San Vino. How to get involved and show the whole world what you got up to in Spain?

  • Wine-proof your phone to capture the mid-battle action (waterproof cases, ziplock bags, condoms for that special filter)
  • Load up with data so you can submit
  • Follow StokeTravel on Snapchat
  • Send us your Snapchat username so we can flag your account with the Snapchat Story Editor
  • Grab your white (soon to be purple) Stoke Travel t-shirt from the Guru tent
  • Further Live Story instructions

See you Snapchat fiends in battle!

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€ 250 Book Now

Key Features

  • Where: Haro, La Rioja, Spain
  • When: 27th - 30th June
  • How: Return private bus from Barcelona
  • Age: Young at heart traveller 18+. Free trip if you bring your grandma
  • Sleep: Camping accommodation in pre-erected tents with mattress and sleeping bag provided
  • Eat: Hot and hearty breakfasts and a delicious BBQ dinner

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  • Includes:

    • 3-nights camping accommodation in pre-erected twin share tent with mattress and sleeping bag
    • Hot dinners (vegetarian option available)
    • Daily hot breakfasts
    • Wine & Cheese Day
    • Red wine for throwing at La Batalla del Vino 2017 wine fight
    • Awesome campsite parties
    • Even more Awesome Stoke staff antics


    • Add a stay in Barcelona before or after. Please contact for more information
    • Unlimited beer and sangria for €10 per day extra
  • 27th June
    12:00 – Bus leaves from Plaza Catalunya, in front of the Hard Rock Cafe
    18:00 – Arrive in Haro, the Spanish wine capital

    28th June
    20:00 – Barbecue dinner included and a big street party that night

    29th June
    06:00 – Hot breakfast
    07:00 – Walk up the hill and partake in enormous wine fight
    13:00 – Chill out for the arvo, get showered and de-purple yourself.
    20:00 – Massive campsite party

    30th June
    09:00 – Hot breakfast
    12:00 – Buses leave to go back to Barcelona

  • Haro, La Rioja

    La Rioja is the número uno wine making district of Spain, it has over 500 wineries and is only a short distance from Bilbao. If you’ve been lucky enough to find a bottle of La Rioja in your hands you’ll know what we’re talking about! La Batalla del Vino 2017 takes place on a hillside vineyard just outside the village of Haro, a walk up the hill from our campsite.

    If you choose to combine La Batalla del Vino 2017 with a stay at our infamous Surf Camp in San Sebastian, then its just a 2.5 hour coach trip fuelled mostly by wine drinking and singing. If you’re combining the trip with a Barcelona stay, then the journey is a little longer but that just means more wine drinking and singing.

    Campsite Address:

    Camping Haro
    Avenida de Miranda 1
    La Rioja

  • Ride with us


    The bus leaves Barcelona on the 27th at 12:00 and arrives at camp at 17:00. Departs on the 30th at 12:00 and arrives in Barcelona around 17:00. Barcelona pick up point: In front of Hard Rock Cafe in Plaza Catalunya.

    Campsite Address:

    Camping Haro
    Avenida de Miranda 1
    La Rioja

  • Enter all of your questions and queries in the Ask a Question Tab and we’ll come up with smart ass answers here…

    Will I drown?

    If you accidentally trip and fall in a deep puddle of wine the only other option apart from drowning is to drink your way to survival.

    What should I bring?
    Sunglasses and sunscreen as it gets pretty hot, a pillow and torch for your tent, goggles, condoms, a waterproof camera, swimmers to have a dip in the pool afterwards, old shoes that can be thrown out after the madness, and shampoo if you don’t want your hair stained red for the next month. Oh and don’t forget a towel.

    Are there hot showers to wash off my wine-stained body parts?

    Sí, there are showers at the campsite and we highly encourage a rinse off at the end of the day, before you climb in your tent and turn everything you touch purple. You’ll also smell like vinegar at this point which greatly decreases your chance of having someone join you in said purple tent.

    Can I store my valuables somewhere safe and sound?
    Don’t want to leave a shiny new iPad lying around the tent? How about a valid passport crucial for your return home when you’re fragile and still hungover, ready to hug mum and dig into a home cooked meal? That’s why we have a secure locked box for small valuables! Thank us later.

    What do I wear? Do I need goggles?
    We sell white clothing so your fave tee doesn’t turn permanently purple and goggles are also available for those who want to be able to see for the rest of their lives, but sunnies can do the job.

    How do we get to and from the fight?
    Stoke drives a shuttle with guides to and from the wine fight, if missed there are free shuttles as part of the festival that depart from nearby the campsite. It’s a short, 5 minute walk to town and the street parties.

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  • We had absolutely no idea what we were in for but we just had to see what it was all about. It turned out amazing and will not miss San Vino 2017 for all the money in the world! - George, Greece

  • Amazing ride, good atmosphere and great crew! Loved all of it, but the wine was the best!! - Carmen, Germany

  • It was great to have to opportunity to celebrate this amazing festival with the locals. Met many new people and they were al very special.

  • I loved all of the people and staff, the games, the rowdiness, the pure debauchery! Amazing time! - Timothy, Spain

  • Great! Great team to create the party atmosphere and get everyone excited. The other tour groups were definitely envious. - Alexandra, Spain

>>> Trip Options <<<

27th - 30th June

Ride With Us

From Barcelona

Stoke Travel

€ 250

More Info Book Now

Trip option: Ride With Us


  • 3-nights camping accommodation in pre-erected twin share tent with mattress and sleeping bag
  • Swimming pool at the campsite, so don’t forget your bathers!
  • Return transfer from Barcelona to Haro and back
    • 27th June noon: From Barcelona to Haro
    • 30th June noon: From Haro to Barcelona
  • One delicious BBQ dinner (vegetarian option available)
  • Wine & Cheese Day
  • Daily hot breakfasts (vegetarian option available)
  • Red wine for throwing at La Batalla del Vino 2017 wine fight
  • Awesome campsite parties
  • Even more awesome Stoke staff antics
    * If you’re keen to add a Barcelona stay to your trip, email
27th - 30th June

Meet Us
At San Vino

Stoke Travel

€ 60 / night

More Info Book Now

Trip option:
Meet Us
At San Vino


  • Camping accommodation in pre-erected twin share tents with a mattress and sleeping bag
  • Daily hot, hearty breakfasts (vegetarian option available)
  • A delicious BBQ dinner every second night (vegetarian option available)
  • Cheese & Wine Day at the campsite
  • Red wine for throwing at La Batalla del Vino 2017
  • Awesome campsite parties
  • Even more awesome Stoke Travel staff antics


  • Unlimited beer and sangria for €10 per day
27th - 29th June

Day trip

From Barcelona

Stoke Travel

€ 90

More Info Book Now

Trip option: Day trip

On the 28th of June the bus will leave from Barcelona (meet in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in Plaza Catalunya) at 23:30, arriving in time for breakfast at the Stoke Campsite before heading into the fight.  On the 29th of June in the late afternoon the bus will return to Barcelona from Haro, arriving that night.


  • Return Bus from Barcelona to Haro
  • Breakfast at the Stoke Campsite
  • Bus transfers to wine fight
  • Campsite wash-down, pool party and chill
  • 1 litre of red wine for throwing at fight
  • Stoke t-shirt (to destroy with wine)
  • Stoke guides
  • €10 unlimited beer and sangria at wine fight base camp


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