• Barcelona to Sitges 2017
  • Barcelona to Sitges 2017
  • Barcelona to Sitges 2017

Barcelona to Sitges 2017

Sitges, 45 minutes south of Barcelona

Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) 28th February 2017

Ride with us from Barcelona to Sitges 2017

Includes round-trip transport from Barcelona to Sitges, Pre-Party at the George Payne, Stoke guides who know the festival like nobody else, a 5-euro Hour of Power pre-game (that means an hour of free drinks) to start the party in Barcelona and a liter of sangria upon arrival in Sitges!

Once a year before lent kicks in for the religious amongst us, the beautiful little seaside town of Sitges goes bonkers for sequins, feathers, frivolity and of course, Carnival festival. As we’re not ones to miss out on a party, we will once again charter a bus for 2017, leaving from George Payne where we’re putting on an open beer bar for a measly 5 euros! We will fill it with sangria and your lovely selves and head from Barcelona to Sitges 2017, to the insanity.

What is it?

The wildest winter fiesta in Spain! Beat the February chill at the hottest party this side of the Atlantic.
Carnival is celebrated around the world and Sitges is one of its biggest hotspots, with 250,000 people flocking to this small coastal town. Carnival marks the last chance to go absolutely wild and give in to every temptation before the 40 days of Lent begin. This is your chance dress up and get freaky, go all out in sequins, feather boas and body paint, or even put on a mask if you desire.
Sitges is the gay and lesbian capital of Europe, they sure do know how to party. So throw your inhibitions out the window, along with your shirt, and let’s have one heck of a party!

Why with us?

Because we know this party like no one else, and want to show you how it is done! With Stoke, you will get picked up in the centre of Barcelona and dropped off in the centre of Sitges at the perfect time to start the party and get the best spots for the parade.

Why Tuesday?

The final and busiest day of the carnival is called Fat Tuesday, when the local carnival parade makes its way down the Rua del Extermini in decorated carriages, sporting the campest razzle-dazzle type outfits you have ever seen. Each parade is themed, for example… Rua de la Disbauxa – the Debauchery Parade, on Sunday night and the Rua de l‘Extermini – the Extermination Parade, on Tuesday night.

PRICE: €25 | US$ 30 | £20 | AU$ 40

€25 | US$ 30 | £20 | AU$ 40

Sitges package
Come with us to Sitges Carnival on our private coach. Return ticket for just €25 (+2.5% card fee).

Sitges package + one hour open bar
Come with us to Sitges Carnival on our private coach. Return ticket + open bar (1 hour) at George Payne Irish Bar for just €30 (+2.5% card fee).

Key Features

  • Where: Sitges, 45 minutes south of Barcelona. The bus leaves from a central Barcelona bar, where we will have the Stoke Carnival pre-party .
  • When: Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) 28th February 2017. The bus leaves at 6pm and returns at 3am sharp!
  • How: On Stoke's private coach.
  • Age: Young at heart traveler 18+.

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  • Inclusions:

    – Return coach travel from Barcelona to Sitges
    – 1 litre of sangria to kick off the party
    – Awesome guides
    – Pre-party at meeting point

    Bring a mask or get face painted and be anonymous and forget yourself for one fabulous night only.

    Add ons:

    – Open beer bar at the George Payne 5€

  • Its pretty simple… dress up, turn up & party hard!

    17:00 – Come join us at The George Payne for some warm-up drinks and where you’ll get your wristie (oh behave!) and your free shot.
    18:00 – Buses leave from George Payne
    19:00 – Buses arrive in Sitges and you’ll be given a litre of sangria to enjoy.
    02:00 – Buses leave Sitges
    03:00 – Buses arrive back to Barcelona

    Around later, we’ll throw caution to the wind, throw reason to the waves and throw ourselves into the party.

  • Beautiful Sitges.

    Sitges is a coastal town, located just 45 minutes from Barcelona, Spain. It is sheltered by the Garraf mountains and this combined with its position in the Mediterranean, means Sitges has a warm “micro-climate” that makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities all year round. It has 4km of beach with a beautiful seafront promenade lined with 20th-century colonial mansions, and this is the perfect backdrop for the Sitges Carnival. Sitges town is a bit of a maze, that’s why we send guides into the madness with you, to show you around and take you to all the hottest spots.

    Meeting Point:

    George Payne
    Plaça d’Urquinaona 5

  • On our bus dummy!

    Enough said. We’ll meet at a central Barcelona bar to check in and warm up and then we’ll board the bus together.

    Meeting Point:

    George Payne
    Plaça d’Urquinaona 5

  • What time does the trip leave?
    We leave Barcelona at 6pm, getting us to Sitges before 7pm, traffic permitting. We plan to get you on the bus back by 2am home by 3am, so you can score a few minutes sleep before school or work the next day.


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  • It was all craziness! Everyone was dress up very nice, there free shots in the bar, free sangria upon arrival and the staff was the best! Will definitely go again next year! - Clara, Spain

  • Great evening! Was able to get in a bus with all of my friends and get free booze. In the buses there was amazing entertainment and even the possibility to win a prize! - Larissa, Belgium

  • Went there with two friends but ended up with 10 more because of the great interaction in the bus. Also loved the fact that on the way back, every 5 minutes another bus left so we did not have to wait long to go back home. - Jose, Spain

  • Great way to get to Sitges festival and great people to party with! Staff was nice and helpful, and great ambiance in the bus during the way to Sitges. - John, USA

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