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    Barcelona World Cup Parties 2018

Barcelona World Cup Parties 2018

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona World Cup Parties 2018

It’s World Cup time and where better to watch the world’s greatest sporting spectacle than in the world’s greatest footballing city? Stoke Travel will throw a party to celebrate just about anything, so of course we turn watching the World Cup into a celebration of beer drinking, shot taking and obviously friendly banter between supporters. Whether your team’s playing, a team your sympathetic towards, or the team you love to hate, make sure you join the Stoke crew for chicken wings, a pitcher of beer and a couple of shots, as we watch each and every World Cup game across multiple screens with Barcelona’s best crowd of sport-mad expats, travellers and worldly locals.


Everywhere! Barcelona is football mad, so every bar, restaurant and corner store will be playing every game (maybe not some of the Spanish games in the more hardcore independentist bars). The trick is, however, finding a place to watch the World Cup that is full of your people – party people, sports fans, fellow countrymen, English speakers and those who love the beautiful game for the beautiful opportunities it gives us to drink booze and talk shit on each other. Stoke Travel has sourced some amazing downtown, city-centre bars to watch the games, where the bar staff are prepared for the good times we bring and the copious cups of beer we’re going to drink.


The deal is simple. Our location is central, in a friendly bar in the Gothic and near your hotel/hostel/Airbnb (we’ll send you the location in an email, if we share it here it will fill up with non-Stokies). The entry fee is €20, but that’s just to cover your chicken wings, pitcher of beer and pair of shots (many locals fill bars to watch games and don’t buy anything, so we just have this €20 minimum to get you a good deal and keep the bars happy to have us. The entry fee will allow you to watch as many games as are on that day, and we’ll make sure that the drinks prices stay low and that the ambiance is firing, no matter who’s playing. Check out the full World Cup schedule here, as well as some of our predictions of who will be victorious in each match. 


Every World Cup game is a big game, but there are some that will be busier than others. If you’re down to watch these make sure you reserve your place as the bars will be packed:

  • Opening Match Thu June 14, 5pm: Russia V Saudi Arabia (Group A)
  • Fri June 15, 8pm: Portugal v Spain (Group B)
  • Sat June 16, 12pm: France v Australia (Group C)
  • Mon June 18, 8pm: Tunisia v England (Group G)
  • Thu June 21, 2pm: Denmark v Australia (Group C)
  • Sat June 23, 8pm: Germany v Sweden (Group F)
  • Sun June 24, 2pm: England v Panama (Group G)
  • Mon June 25, 8pm: Spain v Morocco (Group B)
  • Tues June 26, 4pm: Australia v Peru (Group C)
  • Thu June 28, 8pm: England v Belgium (Group G)
  • Quarter Finals: Fri Jul 6 & Sat 7th 4pm & 8pm
  • Semi Finals: Tues Jul 10 & Weds 11, 8pm
  • Third Place: Sat 14, 4pm
  • Finals: Sun 15, 5pm

Are you ready to watch the world’s best sportsmen in the world’s greatest sporting spectacle, live from the home of the world’s number one football team with the greatest goddamn partiers the world has ever seen? Seems grandiose, but just you wait.

Want to do it in style?: Get a VIP Private Viewing Room for groups of over 10 people. Email bcnbookings@stoketravel.com


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Key Features

  • Where: Barcelona, Spain
  • How: Meet us there!
  • Age: 18+
  • Eat: Chicken wing meal
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World Cup Party

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Join the greatest goddamn partiers the world has ever seen for this years World Cup parties.

  • Chicken Wing meal
  • Pitcher of Lager
  • 2 shots
  • Watch the Footy at a central Barcelona venue, feel at home away from home
  • Multiple screens and a big screen, all day drinks deals and great food.
    • Chicken Wing meal
    • Pitcher of Lager
    • 2 shots
    • Watch the Footy at a central Barcelona venue, feel at home away from home
    • Multiple screens and a big screen, all day drinks deals and great food.

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  • Central Barcelona Bar on Carrer Avinyo in the Gothic area. 

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