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Fringe Festival 2018

Edinburgh, Scotland | 4th - 28th August 2017

Faust, Farce and Philandering at Fringe Festival 2018

Includes an awesome stay in a 3* hostel, daily breakfast, awesome Stoke guides, Stoke Tee, A pub crawl all together, walking tour and discounted drinks at the hostel bar!

Scotland is usually associated with big, hairy, bare-balled men in checkered skirts, tooting on their bagpipes whilst refueling on shortbread and haggis. Thankfully it has more to offer than this – the loch ness (and it’s supposed monster), the beautiful countryside, the castle, oh, and Fringe Festival in Scotland, the biggest arts festival the world has ever seen!

For three weeks in August Scotland’s kilted capital, Edinburgh, goes loopy for culture and hosts the Edinburgh Fringe festival in Scotland. Thousands of artists perform a tonne of theatrical shows, comedy shows, dances, physical theatre shows, musicals, operas, music showcases, and set up exhibitions and events. You can take in a tap show, peruse a pantomime, oggle an oboe-player, chew on some Chaucer, muse at Monet and gape at the endless options at this Gargantuan festival.

For the second year in a row, we here at Stoke have decided to put our cultural caps on and go and ingest the arts (and other hedonistic substances) for 4 days and 3 nights. We’ll stay at our groovy hostel where we can pre-game and get cheap drinks from the bar, we’ll take you on a stroll through the city to soak in the history and then we’ll visit the pubs to try local delicacies like black pudding and ale. We’ll also some shapes on any local dance floor we find. All for only 180€ – even a Scot couldn’t say Nay to that!
Let’s skull some Scotch whiskey, down some Drambuie (Scottish Gaelic for ‘the drink that satisfies’) and cultivate some creative catharsis at the Fringe.

Be there or be a saggy bagpipe!

PRICE: €60 | US$ 70 | £50 | AU$ 95 per night

Stoke Travel Passport holders:

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Eligible for a 3-night stay at our hostel with awesome Stoke guides.

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€ 60 min 2 nights Book Now

Key Features

  • Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • When: 4th - 28th August
  • How: Book now and join us there for Faust, Farce and Philandering.
  • Age: Young at heart traveler 18+. Free trip if you bring your grandma
  • Sleep: In dorm rooms at our awesome central Hostel
  • Eat: A delicious Scottish breakfast daily
Guarantee your place
100% full




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4th August - 28th August

Fringe Festival

Min 2 nights

Stoke Travel

£ 54

€ 60

More Info Book Now

Trip option: Fringe Festival


Hostel accommodation
Awesome Stoke guide
Stoke tee
Discounted drinks at hostel bar
A pub crawl & walking tour.

Full or Canceled
  • Includes:

    – 3* Hostel accommodation
    – Breakfast daily
    – Awesome Stoke guide
    – Stoke tee
    – Discounted drinks at hostel bar
    – A pub crawl
    – A walking tour.


    Hilly Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city, it has a medieval Old Town and an elegant Georgian New Town, with an abundance of gardens and neoclassical buildings. It’s home to Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano in Holyrood Park which has sweeping views of Edinburgh and beyond from its peak. Edinburgh Castle looms over the city from its hilltop, it is home to Scotland’s crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny, traditionally used in the coronation of Scottish rulers.

    But beyond it’s beauty, history and culture, Edinburgh is a cosmopolitan city with fine dining and drinking establishments galore!

    We stay at a centrally located hostel in Scotland’s capital city. It doesn’t get much better than that…. well, unless you stay in a 5* hotel, but that would be so un-hippy-chic. And we’re all about the hippy-chic.

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    Trains and Buses too…

    If you’re looking to spend a little less money, trains and buses run regularly throughout this entire continent and will take you almost anywhere you want.

    Check out Vibasa, Alsa and Eurolines for cheap bus deals, or National rail for train deals.

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    What’s breakfast?

    It’s a meal that’s usually eaten first thing in the morning and consists of either eggs and bacon or toast with spreads and continental foods like cereal. When you’re really lucky you can eat pancakes and waffles with maple syrup for a special treat. The breaky will be a hostel breakfast so the usual carb-full goodies.

    Can we go to anything we want to at the festival?

    Sure can, these will be extra however and booked by you. There are hundreds of events, performances, artists, shows and hoes for you to get amongst!

    Do I have to wear a kilt?

    You won’t be able to go to any of the festivals without one so I guess yeah. Kidding you totally can but a kilt would be bloody mint.

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  • Funnest folks to do Fringe with. Very boozey. Very good. Lisa -Ireland

  • Hostel was great and the partying was epic. Jasmyna - Denmark

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