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    New Year’s Eve Edinburgh: Hogmanay 2018
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    New Year’s Eve Edinburgh: Hogmanay 2018
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    New Year’s Eve Edinburgh: Hogmanay 2018

New Year’s Eve Edinburgh: Hogmanay 2018

Edinburgh, Scotland | 31st December


Join us for Hogmanay 2018 where Edinburgh city centre comes alive with what could be the world’s best New Year’s Eve party. Jump on our party train from London to celebrate Edinburgh’s Hogmanay with Stoke travel.

Ring in the New Year Scottish style, and if that means wearing a kilt and eating haggis, then so be it. Hogmanay is one of the world’s great parties, maybe the best New Year’s Eve party, filled with live performances, and music across four street party stages.

Hogmanay is Scottish for the last day of the year, and that’s what we’re here to celebrate. Join us in the streets as we sing Auld Lang Syne and gift each other lumps of coal. Doesn’t sound like fun? Then you need to know more about how the Scots love to party!

With us you’ll party on the Stoke Travel Express train from London to Edinburgh, before we pre-party at our exclusive venue. This package includes entry tickets to Edinburgh Hogmanay Street Party, including the magnificent Midnight Moment with fireworks and music, are included as we say goodbye to 2018 and welcome in 2019., before we load up the return train trip from Edinburgh to London.

What to do during Hogmanay in Edinburgh

End and start the years right by getting into live music and DJs at the four street party stages and eight large screens that line the streets. Enjoy four fireworks displays on the hour from 9pm set against the backdrop of the iconic Edinburgh Castle.

On top of that, immerse yourself in the traditions, marvel at the world famous architecture, and drink and be merry just like ringing in the New Year in Scotland warrants.

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Key Features

  • Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • When: NYE December 31 - January 1
  • How: On our Private Party Train from London!
  • Age: 18+
  • Sleep: This is 24 hours of madness, sleep on that train back to London
  • Eat: Breakfast and a pre-party feed!
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31st December

24 hours of madness for Hogmanay

Edinburgh New Years Eve
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Stoke Travel

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Trip option: 24 hours of madness for Hogmanay



  • Our direct and completely private party train from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh and back (that’s right, no-one else except Stoke will be on this train)
  • Power hour after the train ride at our exclusive venue
  • A warm welcome to Edinburgh and free entrance to the famous Hogmanay street party festival
  • Your own lovely bottle of bubbles to drink on the train
  • Pre-party food & brunch the day after


  • Includes

    • Our direct and private party train from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh and back
    • A warm welcome to Edinburgh and free entrance to the famous Hogmanay street party festival
    • Your own lovely bottle of prosecco to drink on the train
    • Your first breakfast of 2019 provided by us and some pre-party food

    Hilly Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city, it has a medieval Old Town and an elegant Georgian New Town, with an abundance of gardens and neoclassical buildings. It’s home to Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano in Holyrood Park which has sweeping views of Edinburgh and beyond from its peak. Edinburgh Castle looms over the city from its hilltop, it is home to Scotland’s crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny, traditionally used in the coronation of Scottish rulers.

    But beyond it’s beauty, history and culture, Edinburgh is a cosmopolitan city with fine dining and drinking establishments galore!


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    What is Hogmanay? 
    Hogmanay is the Scottish word for ‘New Year’. Every year on the 31st of December thousands of people gather in Edinburgh to celebrate this festival with parades, food, carnival rides, drinks and of course fireworks! The biggest and most famous part of the Hogmanay festival is the street party which starts at 7pm on the 31st of Dec and finishes at 1am on the 1st of Jan.
    Do we need a Passport?
    No you do not need a passport when travelling to Scotland as it is part of the United Kingdom.
    Can we leave our belonging on the train?
    You sure can, as you will be allocated into carriages but you will do so at your own risk. And some people aren’t as nice as some so Stoke will not take any responsibility for lost or stolen belongings.
    Can we bring alcoholic drinks on the train? 
    As part of the package you will get a bottle of bubbles to drink on the train, but you are also welcome to bring your own drinks on.
    Do I need to pack anything for a 24 hour trip? 
    What you pack is completely up to you. As you won’t be sleeping on this trip you don’t need to bring a change of clothes or any kind of toiletries but it would be a good idea to bring extra layers as it can get cold.
    Can we go to anything we want to at the festival?
    Sure can, these will be extra however and booked by you. There are hundreds of events, performances, artists, shows and hoes for you to get amongst!
    Do I have to wear a kilt?
    You won’t be able to go to any of the festivals without one so I guess yeah. Kidding you totally can but a kilt would be bloody mint.
    Is the train especially for this trip or will there be traveling people as well?
    All aboard the Stoke Travel express! This year we have hired the whole train, so it will only one us Stokies partying together into the new year. WOOO! 
    But wait when do I sleep?
    This is a 24 hours of madness trip – so be ready to bender! You won’t be able to sleep until you are back onboard the Stoke Express and are en route back to London.
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