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La Tomatina to Ibiza

From La Tomatina to Ibiza | 28th August - 4th September

Ride With Us from La Tomatina To Ibiza

Experience the best of Spain with our La Tomatina to Ibiza package! You’ll spend two nights at Stoke’s La Tomatina campsite with camping accommodation in pre-erected twin share tents with mattress and sleeping bag provided, transfers to and from the Tomato fight, ticket to the Official La Tomatina After-Party, overnight ferry from Valencia to Ibiza, four nights all-inclusive at Ibiza Beach Camp, meals, activities, beach games, and all the massive Stoke campsite parties.

We understand that you don’t want to miss out on the big tomato fight known as La Tomatina, but you also want to visit our Ibiza Beach Camp. That is why we’ve arrange a bus and a ferry from La Tomatina to Ibiza for you to make sure you get the best of everything!

Make your own way to Buñol near Valencia and cross La Tomatina off your bucket list by staying at our all-inclusive campsite for 2 nights. The La Tomatina ticket and Bloody Mary on the day of the tomato fight are included in this package, plus we’ve even thrown in your pass to La Tomatina’s Official After-Party pool party! After 2 days and nights of Tomatoey-fun we’ll take you from our La Tomatina campsite to the Ibiza leg of the trip.

We’ll jump on the bus to Valencia and cross the sea to the Balearic party heaven that is Ibiza on an overnight ferry. There you will be introduced to your friendly guides, meet your fellow Stokies, and get out of the tomato throwing spirit and into the Ibiza spirit. Once we arrive in Ibiza there’s nothing left for you to worry about a part from having a good time as we’ve got your beachside tent set up and breakfast and lunch prepared for you daily. There will be a bunch of friendly guides to answer all of your questions and help you out when necessary. In Ibiza you stay at our Ibiza Beach Camp Campsite for 4 nights. A daily yoga session, daily use of snorkelling gear, guided party trips, discounted club entry and visits to various hippie markets are also included.

La Tomatina Campsite

As we’re pretty accommodating folk and want your tomato throwing experience to be as stress-free as possible, we pre-erect your tents, blow up mattresses and roll out sleeping bags ready for your arrival. Our kitchen crew is there to cook up a culinary storm each morning and every second evening so your stomachs are lined for the weekends drinking and antics. And as always, we’ll be hosting the best and biggest party outside of the party, and you’re all invited. Join in as much fun as humanly possible with open-minded international friends at La Tomatina Festival.

Ibiza Beach Camp Campsite

When you get to camp, you’ll be greeted with a welcome beer or sangria, shown to your tent home and orientated (beach is that way, beers are that way). Then we shall commence bliss time. We do daily yoga, there’s snorkelling, cliff jumping, tanning, swimming, oh, and drinking. We’ll feed you a hearty breakfast and make you a take-to-the-beach lunch and we’ll make the most of the daylight hours. Come sundown, we’ll start sipping more heavily on our unlimited booze option available while we make ready for the party night ahead. We’ll head into town to party at one of the hot Ibiza clubs, or we’ll dance on the beach under the stars.

Some of the DJs hitting up Ibiza this summer include: Axwell & Ingrosso, Armin van Buren, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas, Hardwell, Kygo, Martin Garrix, Martin Solveig, Oliver Heldens and Nicky Romero.

Check out the tomatina action below:

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Key Features

  • Where: La Tomatina to Ibiza
  • When: 28th August - 4th September
  • How: By bus and ferry
  • Age: Young at heart traveller +18. Free trip if you bring your grandma
  • Sleep: In tents with air mattresses and sleeping bags provided in our lovely campsites
  • Eat: Hearty breakfast and delicious dinners at our campsites
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  • Includes:

    • 2 nights at our Tomatina camp in Bunol just outside of Valencia (pre-erected, twin share tent w/ mattress and sleeping bag)
    • Tomatina ticket
    • Bloody Marys on day of tomato fight
    • Transport to and from the festival in Buñol
    • Transport to Valencia and overnight ferry to Ibiza
    • Ticket to Legendary La Tomatina After-Pool Party
    • Breakfast and dinner daily at Tomatina campsite
    • 4 nights camping accommodation at our Ibiza beach camp (pre-erected, twin share tent w/ mattress and sleeping bag)
    • Breakfast and lunch daily at Ibiza campsite
    • Open bar access to beer and sangria 11am-11pm (10€/day)
    • Awesome guides
    • Daily use of snorkelling gear & morning yoga sesh
    • Coastal hikes and cliff jumping
    • Guided party trips & discounted club entry
    • Visits to various hippie markets


    • Unlimited beer and sangria for only €10 a day
    • Water and Wine including return coaches and boxes of wine to get you into the spirit of things. Coaches leave at 10pm from the campsite. This is unguided.
    • La Tomatina t-shirt €15
    • La Tomatina traditional outfit (pants and shirt) €25
    • Tomatina bracelet for €10
    • Official afterparty for €15 – includes return bus transport and entrance, while the public price is €20
    • Solo tent upgrade €20 per night



  • Itinerary:

    28 August
    Meet us at the Stoke Travel La Tomatina campsite in Puzol. Grab a beer or sangria, party at the campsite, or head to the beach. That night enjoy a delicious dinner by our in-house chefs before we get the party going.

    29 August
    6am – Wake up
    6am – 7am – Tasty breakfast with Bloody Marys
    7am – Buses leave for Tomato Fight
    1pm – Buses leave to head back to camp
    6pm – 8pm – Dinner at campsite
    8pm – Buses head to Valencia for partying at a club with swimming pool, this is the official after party!

    30 August 
    Depart the campsite for Valencia. We’ll catch the overnight ferry and arrive in Ibiza the next day.

    31 August – 3 September – This is what a day in Ibiza will be like…
    9am –  Wake up to a lovely breakfast daily of pancakes or Spanish toasts or french toasts, eggs, oats, fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice
    10am –  Prepare for the day with a morning yoga sesh
    11am –  Head to the beach to play some football or volleyball or to just catch a tan
    12pm –  We’ll bring your lunch to the beach so you don’t even have to leave your towel
    1pm –  Crack open a beer or get started on the sangria
    3pm –  Go for a slightly tipsy snorkel to see any fish-life about
    4pm –  Head to a hippie market
    5pm – Jump off a cliff
    7pm –  Head back to camp to prepare for the night’s festivities and have dinner and warm up drinks
    8pm –  Eat, sleep, rave, repeat

    4 September
    Time to check out and say goodbye to your new friends!


    We stay just north of Valencia city, in a beach town called Puzol (Puçol in the local lingo – it’s pronounced Puthol though, confusing right?) Puzol is well connected to Valencia city, and we have our own private shuttles for La Tomatina Festival and for visits to town. Puzol is located on a stretch of beautiful Mediterranean beaches and every year we arrive and blow the town’s collective mind.

    Our camp is beachside… you can get out of your tent, make a beeline for the beach and be splashing about within 5 minutes of opening your sangria-soaked eye sockets. The campsite is not wild in the slightest, with full-time security, a bar, restaurant and shop onsite, a great swimming pool with slide, clean amenities, great authentic Spanish atmosphere (it’s not uncommon to be invited into a family’s caravan for a meal of authentic local paella).

    And there is so much more to the region outside of the festivities! Valencia has a wonderful old walled city, great modern architecture, clubs, restaurants, beaches and bars. It’s just wonderful! Come and see it! You’re going to love it! We adore it!


    Camping Pucol
    Camí Riu Turia 3
    Puzol Playa


    Cala Martina is an amazing beach with excellent watersport facilities and is popular among the “young hippie crowd”. It is the perfect location for windsurfers, kayakers or those that just want to laze about.


    Camping La Playa Ibiza
    Avenida Punta Arabi s/n
    Cala Martina, Es Canar
    07849 Ibiza


    Jump on the ride with us buses we have running from Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian or meet us there! Check out GoEuro for the best rates on buses, trains, and flights around Europe.  If you fly, there are trains direct from the airport to the city centre (Estación del Norte). From there jump the next train to Puçol and we can pick you up. Email for more information.

  • Enter all of your questions in the Ask a Question Tab and we’ll answer them here…

    Should I bring a change of clothes for La Tomatina?
    Yes, especially if you are on the day trip. The bus driver will not let you on in tomato pulp. If you’re not on the day trip, maybe just bring a black plastic bag so they’ll let you on the bus back to camp. Also, be sure to stand directly in front of one of the hose-holding locals and let the beautiful, cold water clean you of excess fruit baggage before you head back towards the bus.

    What else should I bring?
    Sunglasses and sunscreen as it gets pretty hot, a pillow and torch for your tent, goggles, condoms, a waterproof camera, swimmers to have a dip in the pool afterwards, old shoes that can be thrown out after the madness, and shampoo if you don’t want your hair stained red for the next month. Oh and don’t forget a towel.

    Are the shuttles to and from Tomatina included in the price?
    The shuttles to and from La Tomatina tomato fight are included. We also throw in some boxes of red wine to get you started. The Tomatina ticket (imposed by the local Government) is included in the La Tomatina/Ibiza package.

    Do you provide transport from Valencia centre?
    No, but getting to Puzol from Valencia is easy peasy and we pick you up from the train station there. We have set shuttles running every couple of hours between 9am – 8pm on the hour and outside of that, just let us know when you are on the train from Valencia’s central station to Puzol and we’ll jump in the car and head over. Email

    What is the breakfast like?
    Breakfast is bacony and eggy and delicious. Sometimes there’a pancake or two thrown in for good measure. Our chefs are pretty fricking good at food and can cater for dietary requirements.

    It said on the website that it is a twin tent. Can it fit two people?
    Yes, the twin tents are two-man tents. We have two-man tents, so if you are in a group of three, one of you will be tented with a new friend of the same sex. Tents are allocated on arrival, so just let us know your preferences when you arrive. We also have an option to have a private tent for a small additional fee – just in case you don’t want to share…. or if you want to leave space for the hottie you’re going to meet at our campsite… You never know…

    And what amenities are offered at the camp site?
    The campsite is awesome! It has a giant pool, a playground, a cafe/restaurant, a little shop, hot showers, laundry area, parking, drinkable water, and it’s a five-minute walk from the beach.

    Are there lockers where we can put our passports or other important items?
    The campsite itself has no lockers, but we a campervan which gets locked every night and we can put small valuables in there during the festival and when we’re away from the campsite.

    If someone throws a tomato at my head can I kick them?
    Only if you kick them hard in the shins.

    Will the tomato be good for my skin?
    If by good you mean sting like hell but still be worth it, then yes.

    If we are camping does that mean we’ll be attacked by wild animals?
    We serve unlimited alcohol at our camps. You, my friend, will be the wild animal.

    What’s the Ibiza campsite like?
    Our campsite is a slice of heaven by the sea with loads of activities, loads of time to chill out and sip our drinks and ample moonlight beach dancing opportunities. We set up your tent for you with air mattress and sleeping bag. In Ibiza we have daily yoga sessions, snorkelling equipment, cliffs perfect for jumping off nearby and visits to hippie markets.

    What should I bring?
    Sunscreen, beachwear, a towel, something awesome to party in, condoms, a camera, condoms (better safe than sorry!), a torch to see the inside of your tent, a pillow.

    Is alcohol cheap?
    As mentioned above, there’s an open bar from 11am to 11pm. That helps cut costs of boozing up, so your purse won’t be stretched too far to get a good booze buzz going. Beware, spirits and beers in da clubs are more expensive than a high end prostitute on a Saturday night, so make the most of pre-drinking and you shall be thrifty little party animals.

    What clubs will we go to?
    You can go wherever you want young, wild child. The campsite has live music most nights and we will judge the best club for that night, it may be Pacha, Space or other world class party venues. We usually manage to get great Ibiza club discounts for your entry depending on the night, time to letcha hair out and get weird.

    Will I pull a hottie?
    Ibiza is renowned for beautiful people dancing on boats in crisp, white swimwear, their tanned bodies glistening in the sunshine. It’s also renowned for its crazy parties. Basically what we’re getting at is if you know how to play your cards right and appreciate divine, semi-clothed beauties you should be on your way to island paradiso.

    Are these questions really the most frequently asked?
    No, but if you have any specific questions you must email – the guys in the office know absolutely everything about anything.

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