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Morocco Surf Camp

Taghazout, Morocco | October - April

Surfing, Sunbathing and Sensational Sunsets, Morocco Surf Camp

Stoke’s Morocco Surf Camp includes 6 nights in stay in our Surf Palace, three delicious meals per day, daily professional surf lessons with surfboard and wetsuit, Agadir airport pickup, daily transportation to the best waves, excursions to Paradise Valley, the traditional bathhouse and local “Souq” markets, two yoga classes, access to Surf Palace’s Jacuzzi hot tub, Free WIFI access, Live music, workshop games, cinema and surf movies, pool table, football table, Xbox, Roulette drinking games, a cooking class and access to our in-house Sauna!

Did you ever heard about a surf camp in Morocco like this one?

What’s not to like? Year ’round sun, world class waves, a local chef whipping up your every meal, sunrises over the Sahara and sunsets over the Atlantic, panoramic ocean views from our ocean front balcony, after surf beers and wacky tobacco in your shisha pipe. And that’s just the half of what Morocco Surf Camp has to offer!

Our package is for everyone, from the seasoned surfer to those who simply want to wet their toes and sun their bellies. Our instructors specialise in teaching absolute beginners how to find their feet, and in taking those who want to step it up a bit to the multitude of world class waves dotted around this peninsula (you can see three of them from our hostel).

This is definitely the Moroccan surf camp for everybody!

Come any day you want and stay for 6 nights, chasing waves and soaking up the culture. Stoke’s shaking up your holidays with our All-Inclusive Morocco Magic Week Specials for Easter.

PRICE: €450 | US$ 515 | £400 | AU$ 715  per week all-inclusive (min 6 nights)

Stoke Travel Passport holders:

(Don’t know what The Stoke Travel Passport is? . Check it out here! Your universe will change.)
Stoke Travel Passport holders can use ONE of the trips on your Stoke Passport and pay only €270 for the All-Inclusive Surf Week Package.

*Please note that alcohol is not widely sold or drunk in Morocco and is therefore not an inclusion offered at our surfcamp.*

€ 450 / 6 NIGHTS Book Now

Key Features

  • Where: Taghazout, Southern Morocco, North Africa
  • When: October - April
  • Age: Young at heart traveller 18+. Free trip if you bring your grandma
  • Sleep: Accommodation in our surf house right near the water's edge with a beautiful panoramic view of the bay
  • Eat: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
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Oct - Apr

All-Inclusive Surf Week

6 nights

Stoke Travel

€ 450

More Info Book Now

Trip option: All-Inclusive Surf Week


  • 6 nights accommodation in our Surf Palace (4-6 bed dorms)
  • Daily healthy Breakfast (e.g eggs, cereal, delicious Moroccan bread, tea, coffee, juice, fruits)
  • Daily packed Lunch (e.g. fresh filled baguettes, rice/pasta salad, crisps, fruits and water)
  • Delicious traditional dinner. BBQ every Saturday night.
  • Daily professional Surf Lessons (2 hours theory and supervised free surf rest of the day)
  • Daily transportation chasing the best waves of the day
  • Surfboard and wetsuit
  • 2 x Yoga classes (60 min ea)
  • Free access to the Jacuzzi hot tub
  • Agadir airport pickup 
  • Agadir night city tour and clubbing party.
  • Paradise Valley trip
  • Visit to the traditional bath house
  • Visit to the traditional local “Souq” markets
  • Free WIFI internet access,
  • Live music, workshop games, cinema and surf movies, pool table, football table, Xbox, Roulette drinking games
  • Cooking class 
  • Free access to our in-house Sauna “Hammam”


  • Private Room €20/night
  • Agadir bus/airport drop offs €30 (6am – 8pm), €40 (8pm – 6am)
  • Extra night all-inclusive package €70
  • Extra night accommodation and dinner only €30
  • Camel & horse riding
  • Quad & Buggy rides
  • Camel rides
  • Jet ski
  • Fly board
  • Relaxing massages
  • A day at the Morocco Surf Palace

    This is a guide itinerary with everything in the all inclusive package. Times are a guide only. Morocco is very chilled out, so things tend to happen when they happen and no one worries too much what time of day it is.

    8am-10am – Breakfast
    10am – Head to the beach for 2 hours of surf lessons followed by free surf (time varies depending on conditions and tides)
    2pm – Lunch on the beach or at the surf house
    3pm – Excursion time! We head over to Paradise Valley, the Souk or the Hammam, unless we want to chill out at the Surf Palace.
    8pm – Dinner at the house
    9pm – Free time

    Free time activities:

    Surfing, camel rides, horse rides, jet ski rides, trip to the soukh market in Agadir, exploring the town, swimming, sun baking, hiking, cliff jumping, trip to Paradise Valley, visit the hammam (bathhouse), drinking Moroccan beer and much more.

    Night time activities:

    Party nights in Agadir, movie nights, dinners in our favourite restaurants in town, beach BBQ and bonfires, watching the sunset from a surfboard, playing cards on the terrace.

  • On the edge of the Sahara

    Whilst you can see Morocco from the cities of Southern Spain, once you’re on the ground you’ll realize that you couldn’t be further away… in a wonderful way! This is North Africa baby! This is a place of camels and forts and snake charmers. Where date palms grow out of sandy deserts, and kids run up to your car snotty-faced asking for sweet, sweet candy.

    Our surf palace is located in the south of Morocco, in the village of Taghazoute, near the resort city of Agadir. An area so lovely the King of Morocco has his beach palace down there. Here the High Atlas Mountains complete their run down to the North Atlantic Ocean, where goats reside in trees and where fishermen make their nightly drift out to the horizon on seaworthy car tyre inner tubes.

    Taghazout is a stereotypical North African fishing village, with a series of narrow lanes winding either side of the one road, Highway 1, which runs through it’s middle and provides the village’s central focal point. Along this road there are a handful of shops, a marketplace and mosque and a few hotels. You can walk through Taghazout along Highway 1 from end to end in about 5 minutes, which is taking into account stopping to pat cats and high five locals.

    The Surf Palace

    The Stoke Travel Surf Palace is located just off Highway 1. Located near the water’s edge, the palace is populated with sun worshipers and surf rats from every corner of the globe, and they can be found lounging on our balcony watching the sea and checking out the waves. There is a combination of shared and private accommodation, though most nights you’ll pass out on the balcony with the ever-clear North African night sky twinkling away above you.

    *A note on the balcony, because it deserves it. This balcony is amazing and is definitely the focal point of the house. This is where we eat, drink tea, share stories, chug beers and smoke hookah. This is the place where you can play a game of chess or kiss a beautiful stranger. We BBQ here, we surf the net, we sloth around and we dry our wetsuits. From this balcony, you can check the surf at three of Morocco’s best breaks, from this balcony the sunset will burn so bright and beautiful your eyes will bleed, from this balcony the sounds of a Moroccan fishing village will drift up and mingle with chatter from all around the world. This is THE balcony.

    Meet us there

    We offer pick ups for a surcharge from Agadir bus station and airport, however please ensure you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice in order to arrange this.
    Come fly to us…

    This is really the only practical way to get here. Because it’s on another continent fool! (Unless you live in Africa, thereby making us the fool). Anyway, to get here grab a flight to either Agadir, which is the airport nearest the surf palace, or to Marrakesh, which is also close-ish and usually cheaper, and with more frequent flights.

    The airlines we usually fly with are Ryanair, Easyjet and Royal Air Maroc. Like with most of these trips the earlier you book the cheaper it will be. So book now!

    If you are flying to Agadir we can fetch you from the airport. Just be sure to send us your flight details.

    If you land in Marrakesh you can either prearrange a taxi to take you to the Surf Palace, or make your own way here on the public bus (see details below). In any case we’ll go through all of this with you personally when you book.

    Once you land you might need to take the bus

    CTM and Supratours run frequent buses from Marrakech to Agadir. The trip takes about three and a half hours and costs a measly 10€. When you land grab a cab  and head to the terminal (they leave from different terminals, choose one and tell your cab driver).

    There’s no need to book a ticket in advance, and even if you needed to you couldn’t. This is North Africa dudes.

    Once in Agadir take a taxi to Taghazout, the surfing village. It’s really small, so just get dropped bang in the centre of the main road. And once in Taghazout, ask for Adventure Keys

    Adventure Keys Address:

    Taghazout KM 20
    Route d’Essaouira
    Agadir – Morocco

    Lost or confused in Africa? Call Youness on:

    Phone Mobile: +212 660 516 811
    Phone Landline: +212 528 200 154

    Find us on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/C6orTV

    what3words gives every 3m x 3m in the world a unique 3 word address. This one describes the precise entrance of the surf camp. Click here to learn more.
  • Enter your concerns, questions or mum’s bra size in the Ask a Question tab and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we sober up.

    Is Morocco Safe?
    Yes. The most dangerous thing in Morocco is coming across an angry goat after you’ve had too many cans of Stork beer, or underestimating the strength of the wacky tobaccy in your shisha pipe.

    So what should we bring?
    Yourself, something to swim in, something to party in, something warm for the night times, something pleasant for the fuzzy tingle times. Bring sunscreen and condoms, because they’re hard to get here, and bring a bottle of spirits as they cost a bit down here. Bring a camera so you can get shots of goats in trees.

    What if I’ve never surfed a day in my life?
    Stress less. That’s why we have our tanned, toned and dedicated surf instructors to teach you grommets how to surf like a pro. We have 2 hours of surf lessons per day dedicated to beginners, so you will be riding those waves in no time.                                                                                                       

    Should I cover myself up?
    At the surfcamp you are free as a bird. If you’re planning on visiting mosques or going to any religious sites, then yes you will need to cover up!

    What do you mean we aren’t in a tent?                                                                                     
    Yep you heard it here first, we are in hostel accomodation. If you’re feeling fancy you can upgrade to a private room for €20 a night extra. Email info@stoketravel.com if you want to.

    Do you have short boards I can ride to show off my sweet cut back skills?
    We have short boards and long learning boards for all levels. Start with a smal and upgrade or switch it up for the rolling waves.

    I heard alcohol was illegal in Morocco, is that true?
    Ha, hahaha, oh god, you guys are cracking me up! Do you think we’d be down there if that was true? Oh my oh my, too funny!

    What’s the weather going to be like?
    We’re on the edge of the Sahara so it’s going to be hot and sunny during the day and a little chilly at night. It never rains, except when it rains, which is exceptional.

    Wait. What? Goats in trees?
    Yeah, in Morocco the goats hang out in the trees. It’s pretty sweet.

    And food, what’s up with the food?
    Breakfast is cereals and bread with cheese, jam and chocolate spread, coffee and tea and juice, usually. Though like all wonderful things in this universe it can change. Lunch is a sandwich made with love and served on the beach. And by sandwich we’re talking long, strong and full of cumin… And other delicious ingredients with some fruit on the side. Dinner varies between a fair few Moroccan faves, like tagine, or couscous (so good they named it twice) or little fish fried to delightfulness, or massive BBQs with a little of everything and it is always served with plenty of salad and bread and it’s always so sweet. And do we have vego and vegan options?” answer is yes yes and yes.


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  • The surf hostal from Taghazout seems like one that could have come from a vintage surfing film. Staff are friendly and outgoing, and the nice ladies in the hostal even made me separate vegetarian meals! - Eena, Denmark

  • Open-Minded, Friendly, Real, Down to Earth people...what else can you ask for? - Vincent, France

  • It was awesome! Would recommend to anyone wanting to surf! - Krystel, Germany

  • I wouldn't change a thing its exactly how a surf camp should be run. - Jordan, USA

  • The staff were very friendly and the surfing lessons and market visit were unforgettable. It was awesome having the taxis paid for already too! - Connor, Australia