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    ¿Why not wine & waves?
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    ¿Why not wine & waves?
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    ¿Why not wine & waves?

¿Why not wine & waves?

Barcelona | San Vino Wine Fight | San Sebastian Surf Camp


¿Por que no? Indeed… this road trip is all about the wet stuff — from Barcelona’s Mediterranean seashore, and all the beautiful people who are drawn to its docile shores, to the world’s biggest (and only) red-wine fight in Haro, La Rioja, and then a washing of the sins on the Basque Atlantic coastline. Why not wine and waves, we ask, knowing that for these 10 days and nine nights we can just about do both and then some. If you want to get wet and wild on the inside and out then this is the road trip for you.

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10 days / 9 nights

Key Features

  • Where: Barcelona | San Vino Wine Fight | San Sebastian Surf Camp
  • How: Pinball your way from one fun-soaked shindig to the next, from festival to party to getaway, a rollicking and rolling stumble around Europe, grinning like a fool while you repeatedly have the time of your life.
  • Age: 18+
  • Sleep: Mix of funky hostel and all-inclusive festival camping
  • Eat: 9 x Hearty Breakfasts and 8 x Lip Smacking Dinners
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    • 3 nights beach hostel accommodation in Barcelona
    • Daily breakfast and dinner
    • Barcelona walking tour
    • Original Barcelona Boat Party
    • Free club entry to beachfront clubs (Pacha, Shoko, Catwalk, Opium)
    • Barcelona to Haro Coach transport


    • 3 nights all-inclusive camping with pre-erected tents, air mattress and sleeping bag at Haro campsite
    • Daily breakfast and dinner
    • Welcome BBQ
    • Cheese & Wine Day
    • Transfer to Wine Fight
    • Red wine for throwing at the wine fight
    • Post-fight pool party
    • Haro to San Sebastian Coach transport


    • 3 nights camping accommodation
    • Breakfast and dinner daily
    • Daily surf lessons and equipment hire
    • Experienced surf guides
    • Local activities and party nights


    • Unlimited beer and sangria at San Vino and Zarautz campsites (10€/day)
  • Saturday 24th June: Barcelona

    Check in to your central Barcelona hostel and meet the Stokies. Explore the city, hit the beach, bask in the nakedness, eat the tapas and drink the sangria before jumping on  one of Stoke’s flagship boat parties. Rage on the Mediterranean while we cruise along Barcelona’s coastline. The unlimited drinks on board will properly prepare you for a night of exploring Barcelona’s nightlife – we’ll provide free entry to the Mediterranean city’s famous beach clubs.

    Sunday 25th June: Barcelona

    Recovery mode with a hearty hostel breakfast, before discovering Barcelona on foot with a walking tour. See the sights and learn the secrets of this ancient city. Eat. Drink. Love life. Prepare yourself for another Barcelona party night.  

    Monday 26th June: Barcelona

    Why stop now? Spend the day seeing the sights not included on your walking tour. Visit some of our favourite bars. Sit on terraces in the sun drinking world-class Spanish wines. Head up to the Bunkers with your Stokie best friends to watch the sunset with uninterrupted 360˚ views of the greater Barcelona area, from the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees. Come and party again, we’ve got the hook-ups so you’d be crazy not to.

    Tuesday 27th June: San Vino
    Check out and jump on the bus – we’re going to wine country. Haro, our destination, is located in La Rioja, which is Spain, and maybe the world’s, number one red-wine making region. Arrive at the campsite and find your tents ready to rock and the BBQ preparation underway. Our San Vino parties are legendary and when our open bar closes you might want to head into town to get loose with the locals.

    Wednesday 28th June: San Vino
    At Stoke we have a tendency to drink whatever’s in front of us — and that’s a sound tactic every other day of the year – but today we’re going classy. The best winemakers in the region have supplied local vino for us to taste, and we’re going to pretend we know what we’re talking about while we drink as much as we can (and never spit out even one drop). And what would world-class wine be without cheese? Still world-class wine, but cheese is delicious so we’re going to make mice of ourselves and indulge. In the night we’ll go into the town square where bands and DJs play all night, and the locals party with them. Can you last the distance? Tomorrow is a very big day, after all.

    Thursday 29th June: San Vino
    After an early hot breakfast, we head up to the vineyard on the hill where the wine fight takes place. This party is very straight forward, we throw wine on each other and the locals all morning, until we’re stained purple and we’re a little drunk again (it seems to get in through the skin). After the wine fight the locals BBQ local meats and snails (snails!) and eat cheese and drink more wine, before heading into town, where the locals throw themselves in front of young bulls just for fun. You’ll probably be asleep by now (that’s a challenge).

    Friday 30th June: Zarautz
    Through your purple-stained eyelids awake to a hot breakfast before jumping on the bus to Zarautz, on the other side of the mountains and by the sea, where the view will make your eyes weep and the beer is always cold (we have wine, too, if you still want wine, you purple little legends). Afternoon surf? 100% And our professional and professionally fun surf guides will make sure you get the lessons you need for your level, as well as guide you into the best waves. Boards and lessons are included in the price, and once you’ve filled your face with salt water and your hair with sand we’ll retreat back to the campsite for a kickass camp party.

    Saturday 1st July: Zarautz
    Rise with the sun coming over the Basque Pyrenees and check the surf. The morning wind still hasn’t come up, and the air is warm. Breakfast is consumed with talk of the day’s conditions and your guides are working out the best spot for you. Hit the beach with your lunch packed and settle in for a day of surfing, sunning and beach gaming, a day where your eyes will be assaulted by the naked and semi-naked sun worshippers in a positive and negative way. That night you can see the locals with clothes on when we head down into town to drink the local drinks and dance the local dances.

    Sunday 2nd July: Zarautz
    Surf’s up, again… So let’s hit the sand and shred. Or perhaps you want to go into San Sebastian and take selfies from all the vantage points and eat all the delicious tapas. Back at camp, after today’s session(s), we’ll retreat to the hillside where we can watch the sun dip her fiery toes into the Bay of Biscay. Millions of beers and sangrias optional and included (if you want to part with the €10 a day surcharge aka the best deal in the universe).

    Monday 3rd July: Finale
    Check out is at 11, but first you can eat a delicious hot breakfast to get you up and about. After that you can hang a bit in San Sebastian or be on your way. Whatever you like, the world is at your feet. You can always stay some more nights in Zarautz or jump on our bus (€15) to go stay at Stoke’s Pamplona Running of the Bulls camp.


    The home of Gaudi, Dali, the 1992 Olympics, FCB and the French Bulldog.

    It’s a tourist Mecca. Thousands upon millions upon billions of sun-seeking, fun-loving revellers flock here every year and there’s a bloody good reason for it. It’s because Barcelona is awesome. It has a bit of everything, but still retains a small city vibe. The nightlife is nothing less than hectic and intense, the day life is a myriad of colours, sites, sounds, smells, street performers and sangria.

    It’s a place you’ve just gotta see. And we’re pretty much experts… if we do say so ourselves… so we’ll show you Barcelona from the Stoke point of view.


    La Rioja is the número uno wine making district of Spain, it has over 500 wineries and is only a short distance from Bilbao. If you’ve been lucky enough to find a bottle of La Rioja in your hands you’ll know what we’re talking about! La Batalla del Vino 2017 takes place on a hillside vineyard just outside the village of Haro, a walk up the hill from our campsite.


    We stay 20 minutes outside of San Sebastian at a beautiful clifftop campsite overlooking the surf beach of Zarautz.
    As far as surf goes, well we’re only a hop skip and a jump away from the finest surf beaches in Europe. And if National Geographic says we’re located in one of the World’s Top 20 Surf Towns, well who are we to dispute it!


    Wherever you are in the world you can fly to Barcelona. Ryanair and Easyjet are budget favourites that fly to Barcelona regularly. Once you’re at the airport just hop on the Aerobus and it frops you off in the centre of Barcelona in just 30 minutes! One thing to remember is that Girona Airport which is sometimes the cheapest option is an hour by bus from downtown Barcelona.


    A great option if you’re coming to Barcelona from elsewhere in Spain, or from France. Check out Renfe for trains from within Spain and snfc for those departing within France.


    Check Eurolines for international buses to Barcelona, or Vibasa for buses from within Spain.

  • What should I bring? 
    Sunglasses and sunscreen as it gets pretty hot, a pillow and torch for your tent, goggles, condoms, a waterproof camera, swimmers to have a dip in the pool afterwards, old shoes that can be thrown out after the madness, and shampoo if you don’t want your hair stained red for the next month. Oh and don’t forget a towel.

    What is the breakfast like?

    Breakfast is bacony and eggy and delicious. Sometimes there’a pancake or two thrown in for good measure. Our chefs are pretty fricking good at food.

    It said on the website that it is a twin tent. Can it fit two people?
    Yes, the twin tents are two-man tents. We have two-man tents, so if you are in a group of three, one of you will be tented with a new friend of the same sex. Tents are allocated on arrival, so just let us know your preferences when you arrive. We also have an option to have a private tent for a small additional fee – just in case you don’t want to share…. or if you want to leave space for the hottie you’re going to meet at our campsite… You never know…

    Are there lockers where we can put our passports or other important items?
    The campsite itself has no lockers, but we a campervan which gets locked every night and we can put small valuables in there during the festival and when we’re away from the campsite.

    Will I drown?

    If you accidentally trip and fall in a deep puddle of wine the only other option apart from drowning is to drink your way to survival.

    Are there hot showers to wash off my wine-stained body parts?

    Sí, there are showers at the campsite and we highly encourage a rinse off at the end of the day, before you climb in your tent and turn everything you touch purple. You’ll also smell like vinegar at this point which greatly decreases your chance of having someone join you in said purple tent.

    What do I wear? Do I need goggles?
    We sell white clothing so your fave tee doesn’t turn permanently purple and goggles are also available for those who want to be able to see for the rest of their lives, but sunnies can do the job.

    If we are camping does that mean we’ll be attacked by wild animals?
    We serve unlimited alcohol at our camps. You, my friend, will be the wild animal.

    Are these questions really the most frequently asked?
    No, but if you have any specific questions you must email – the guys in the office know absolutely everything about anything.

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