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    Rockavaria Rock Festival München 2018
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    Rockavaria Rock Festival München 2018
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    Rockavaria Rock Festival München 2018

Rockavaria Rock Festival München 2018

München, Deutschland

Mai 2018

Das Festival inkludiert Unterkunft im Camp mit bereits aufgestellten Zelten mit einem Schlafsack und einer Matratze, leckeres Frühstück und köstliches Abendessen jeden Tag, Guides vom Camp zum Festival, wilde Partys mit Stoke Travel und eine einmalige Erfahrung, die du so schnell nicht vergessen wirst (außer du hast ein komplettes Blackout).

Rocke am Rockavaria Rock Festival in München 2018

Was willst du mehr, wenn du ein riesiges Rockfestival und irre Fans in Bayern/Deutschland haben kannst? Dieses 3 tägige Festival wird auch dir kleine Schwester von der Grünen Hölle genannt. Für 3 Tage kannst du soviel rocken wie du willst. Wenn du genug vom Hedbangen hast, dann komm zurück ins Camp und die Party geht weiter.

Campe mit Stoke Travel in München

Wir haben bereits die Zelten mit Schlafsäcken und Matratzen aufgestellt, also also steht bereit für eine unvergessliche Party. Mit unseren Kochkünsten können wir dir täglich ein Frühstück und ein leckeres Abendessen zaubern. Alles was du machen musst, ist ein Ticket buchen und wir kümmern uns um den Rest. Unser Camp befindet uns direkt neben einer Bushaltestelle, die dich zum Rockavaria Festival in ca. 30 Min bringt. Aber keine Sorge, unsere Guides helfen dir und zeigen dir den Weg. Rock mit uns das Festival und unser Camp in München.

Email , wenn du auch gerne die Rockavaria Ticket für 159€ (3 Tagespass) haben willst.

Preis: 180€ für 3 Nächte


€ 60 pro Nacht

Key Features

  • Where: München, Deutschland
  • When: 26. - 28. Mai 2017
  • How: Triff uns dort
  • Age: 18+. Gratis Trip, wenn du deine Großmutter mitnimmst+. Gratis Trip, wenn du deine Großmutter mitnimmst
  • Sleep: Camping Unterkunft
  • Eat: leckeres Frühstück und Abendessen
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26th - 28th May 2017

All Inclusive Camping

1-3 night stay
cost per night

Stoke Travel

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€ 60

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Trip option: All Inclusive Camping


Camping accommodation (pre-erected tents with mattresses & sleeping bags)
A tasty breakfast each morning (vegetarians can be catered for)
A hearty and wholesome dinner each evening (vegetarians can be catered for)
Guides to lead you to the festival by public transport
A fun, party atmosphere with an international vibe
Unlimited beer & sangria for €10 per day

Full or Canceled
  • Includes:

    • Camping accommodation (pre-erected twin tents with mattresses & sleeping bags)
    • A tasty breakfast each morning (vegetarians can be catered for)
    • A hearty and wholesome dinner each evening (vegetarians can be catered for)
    • Stoke Travel campsite parties
    • Guides to and from the festival
    • International crowd and carnivalesque activities and vibe


    • Rockavaria ticket to be purchased separately
    • Unlimited boooooze: loads of beer and sangria (€10 a day from 8am to 11pm)
    • An awesome bike tour through Munich’s city centre to one of the biggest beer gardens in the world for only €21
  • 8am to 10pm – Hot breakfast to get you all fuelled up for a day of drinking and mayhem at the festival.

    from 9am onwards – Guides take you to Rockavaria on public transport in the morning and return with you in the afternoon.

    8pm – Dinner included every night.

    from 9pm onwards – Massive campsite party begins; the beer and sangria will be flowing and the music will start pumping


  • Munich, Germany

    The Rockavaria Festival is located in the north of Munich at the Olympiapark Stadium.

    The Stoke campground is located within easy access, just 30 minutes away from the madness. We head into the craziness every day on cheap and easy public transport which picks us up directly in front of the campsite, all day every day. Our Stoke guides are there to guide you into the party.


    Campingplatz Obermenzing
    59 Lochhausener Strasse

  • Meet us there…

    Pilots are the only sober people here (we hope).

    All budget and major airlines fly to Munich from all over Europe and the world. Check out skyscanner or Kayak for details.
    It’s very easy to get to the campsite from the airport. Follow the signs in the airport to the train station. Then take the S1 underground to Laim, at Laim change over to the S2 in the direction of Peterhausen, getting off at Untermenzing. You then head out of the station to the bus stop and take the 164 bus which stops at the camping grounds: Campingplatz Obermenzing.

    Train it, of course its efficient.

    All trains entering Munich come in to the city’s centrally-located main station (Hauptbahnhof), which is shared by the city’s rail and bus systems, providing connections to all destinations within the city and around the region. High-speed InterCity Express (ICE) trains from Hamburg, Frankfurt and Augsburg provide rapid service to Munich. The City Nightline (CNL) features comfortable sleeping quarters on its overnight services. The Deutsche Bahn has more than 25,000 miles of track, connecting all points in Germany, with international service as well. If your travel originates in the UK, British Rail has four daily scheduled trains to Munich and from Zurich, there is daily service on the train called the Bavaria. It’s very easy to get to the campsite from the train station, just follow the metro directions below.

    Buses are the bestest.

    You can travel by bus to Munich from London, Paris and many other European cities. The largest bus operator from the UK to the continent is Eurolines, operating out of London’s centrally located Victoria Coach Station. In Paris, Eurolines is located on rue Malmaison, a 35-minute Metro ride from the centre. In Munich, bus services usually terminate at the Zentraler Busbahnhof, which you will find on the north side of the Hauptbahnhof. It’s very easy to get to the campsite from the bus station, just follow the metro directions below.

    Metro directions to campsite…

    Once you’re at the Hauptbahnhof, or any Munich metro station, take the underground S2 towards Peterhausen and jump off at Untermenzing. Right outside the station hop on the 164 bus for three stops to Campingplatz Obermenzing. Just ask the driver or have a look on the bus route map. Jump off the bus and you’re at our doorstep. Too easy!

  • Questions and queries? Ask away. Enter in the Ask a Question tab and we will try to come up with something helpful here.

    What should I bring? 
    Warm clothes to sleep in, a pillow and torch for your tent, something awesome to party in, condoms (better safe than sorry) and a camera!

    Are there shuttles to and from Rockavaria?
    No but our guides will take you on public transport so you don’t get lost, just don’t stray too far. We find that no matter how many hard you party, miraculously most of our guests come back safe and sound. Munich’s cheap and easy busses and metro leave from the festival and takes you back to the campsite all day everyday.

    Do you provide transport from Munich centre?
    No, but getting around town is easypeasy thanks to Germany’s efficient transport system. Check out the ‘How to get there’ section for address and direction details.

    Who do we see when we arrive?
    Check in at Stoke Reception tent for your tent allocation and orientation. The reception is open weekday mornings at 9am until midnight and weekends, 8am until 1am.

    What is the breakfast like?
    Breakfast is baconny and eggy and delicious. Sometimes there’s a pancake or two thrown in. Our chefs are very talented.

    How many people can fit in the tents?
    We have two-man tents and 8 man teepees. Just let us know your preferences on arrival and we’ll do our best to allocate you the tent you would like (subject to availability). If you’re a group of 3, one of you will be paired with a new friend of the same sex. For those anti-social humans, we offer private tents for a small additional fee. We understand our guests’ needs…… a little extra room for a special someone if the night leads there.

    What amenities are offered at the camp site?
    The campsite offers spacious bathrooms and hot showers for a 1€ token purchased at reception, restaurant/cafe, vending machines and a little essentials store. WiFi and charging stations are available in certain areas and tokens are sold at the campsite reception for laundry facilities.

    Where can we securely store our valuables?
    Locks are available for purchase for the tents and main reception offers small lock boxes you can rent. We also have a giant container for small valuables which gets locked every night.

    If we are camping does that mean we’ll be attacked by wild animals?
    We serve unlimited alcohol at our camps. You, my friend, will be the wild animal.

    How can I lose my virginity?
    Be confident, be cool, be calm. Hit up the drunkest babe for the best chance. Some may call this morally wrong, others, ingenious.

    Where is Starbucks?
    Near Haupthbhanof in Zentrum of Munich, there are plenty.

    Do you guys have Skype in Australia?

    Do the tents have hot water, laptops, power-points, king size beds or fridges?
    They’re tents.

    Does the bus come both ways on one side of the road?
    What the F$%# ?

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  • Easy to reach by public transport and a fantastic location in beautiful Olympic park - Andre, France

  • Some of the best rock music I've ever heard live! - Stephen, USA

  • Fantastic location and great artists, Rockavaria is the ultimate rock festival - Amy, UK

  • The Stoke Travel staff are always so down to earth and up for a good time! - Ilaria, Italy

  • The staff were super welcoming and the atmosphere was awesome! - Dave, Canada