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    Spring Break Ibiza Party
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    Spring Break Ibiza Party

Spring Break Ibiza Party

Ibiza, Espagne| 12 - 15 Avril & 19 - 22 Avril


3 nuits inclusent dans l’hotel San Antonio, des guides de soirées, des petits déjeuners, une piscine, avec 1€ la bière toute la journée, fete sur un bateau, Barbecue Party privé, transport et une entrée pour la boite de un club.  

Le Spring Break d’Ibiza est si bien c’est pas un hasard, c’est un endroit magnifique et l’ile est la 1ère au classment pour faire la fete sans éxagerer. Entre les montaignes l’eau bleu azure et ce temps parfait… c’est époustoufflant!

Tu connais un meilleur endroit que Ibiza pour le Spring Break?

Nous logerons dans un hotel ou le soleil brillera, la piscine qui va avec, et les bières couleront a flots. L’hotel qui est sur la baie de San Antonio, avec du sable fin et sa belle eau transparente, et sa bonne ambiance.

Ibiza, renomée pour ses boites, les couchés de soleil accoudé a un bar, pour dancer boire et plus si affinité, avec ces bateaux blanc et les gens dedans habillé en blanc et des grosses lunnettes. Donc nous n’allons pas à Ibiza que pour faire la fete mais pour faire la fete tout en appréciant cette beauté naturel de l’ile. Plus le charme naturel de ces habitants. Car si tu prends la destination numéro 1 pour faire la fete et tu rajoutes ca sur une ile manifique bien sur que les gens les plus beau vont etre la.

Pendant le séjour a Ibiza tu as le choix de profiter, de te relaxer au bord de la piscine a l’hotel ou tu peux partir expplorere l’ile si tu le souhaites. Mais pour ce qui est de la nuit t’as interet a etre pret pour faire la fete. On se retrouvera à la réception pour partir vers San Antonio avec de l’alcool gratuit. Si t’es encore en vie et encore déter pour sortir on s’arrangera pour l’entrée en boite. Extras activité la journée, croisière d’alcool, fete autour de la piscine, bain de soleil, jeux sur la plage, barbecue et beaucoup plus…

Prix: €230-€245

Détenteur du passeport Stoke Travel:

Pour les détenteur du passeport, disponible pour 3 nuits

Stoke Travel Passport holders are eligible for a 3-night stay (surcharge)
(Tu ne sais pas ce qu”est le passeport? Check it out here! Ta vie va changer).

€ 230-245 EARLY BIRD Book Now

Key Features

  • Where: Ibiza aka paradise!
  • When: 12 - 15 Avril & 19 - 22 Avril
  • How: Rejoins-nous la bas ou prends le ferry avec nous depuis Barcelone
  • Age: 18+Gratos si tu ramènes ta grand mère!
  • Sleep: Dans un hotel, 3 ou 4 lits par chambre
  • Eat: Petit déjeuner pour chaque matin et un barbecue, nos guides connaissent des restaurants abordables dans le coin

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>>> Trip Options <<<

12 - 15 Avril & 19 - 22 Avril

Long Week end (3 nuits)

40€ par nuit extra

Stoke Travel

£ 0

€ 245

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Trip option: Long Week end (3 nuits)


  • 3 nuits dans un hotel (petit déjeuner inclu)
  • Fete sur un bateau
  • Fete sur la plage
  • Journée entière de pool party
  • 1€ la bière toute la journée
  • Barbecue de Stoke Travel
  • Un verre pour le couché de soleil
  • Entrée pour un club
  • Guides 24/24


  • Une nuit supplémentaire 40€
  • Karting
  • Sports aquatique
  • Includes:

    • 3 night stay in a Beach Hotel (Breakfast Included)
    • Boat Party
    • Beach Party
    • All day Hotel Pool Party
    • All day everyday 1€ canas
    • Stoke Travel BBQ Party
    • Sunset Beach Drinks
    • Bar Crawl with hour of power
    • Entry into an Ibiza nightclub
    • 24 hour party guides


    • An extra night is €40
    • Go-Karting
    • Watersports
  • Weekend Trip

    Day 1 – Friday
    Arrive at your own leisure throughout the day… the earlier the better – your guides will be waiting and need friends to keep them occupied.
    Enjoy the relaxed Day or Party if you want to. By night be ready to Party… we’ll meet in reception and crawl our way through San Antonio getting free booze thrown in our mouths at each stop. If you’re not broken and still want to party we will arrange entry into a club.

    Day 2 – Saturday
    Wake up slow!!! Nurse those hangovers and get ready to go again…
    Today’s Afternoon activity is optional but it’s going to be awesome… we are hopping on board a booze cruise with open bar and live DJ for 3hrs – only 45€ If you’re totally insane and don’t want to join this trip then ask the guide for info on what’s hot on the Island for this day.
    We will then head back to the hotel to get ourselves prepared for an evening of luxury at the legendary Ibiza Clubs. Your ticket and transport are all included in the price. So we’ll continue getting boozy together at the hotel before heading over to the club.

    Day 3 – Sunday
    It’s sadly the last day for our weekender trip but does that mean slowing down…? No way!! Today is our free pool party and BBQ and because here at Stoke travel we’re all bout free or cheap booze, we have managed to arrange €1 beer and sangria so you can party all day!!
    If you still have the energy to party or just want to go out with a bang, let’s go to the bars and party till the sun comes up!

    Day 4 – Monday
    We should have well and truly excelled ourselves at partying Ibiza-style and possibly be broken. We’ll say our goodbyes, but not before we’ve swapped Facebooks and photos and planned our next trip with Stoke Travel!

  • San Antonio, Ibiza

    One of the most popular resorts in the Mediterranean, it is just a 20 minute drive from both the airport and Ibiza Town and has good connections to the rest of Ibiza Island. San Antonio resort has a beautiful palm tree lined promenade following the harbour, which is always busy with a variety of huge yachts, speedboats and ferries. The main beach in San Antonio is man made, but incredibly beautiful, here you will find bright blue sea and a wide white sandy beach. But if you fancy trying out another beach on the island there are ferries which leave from the promenade and head to the idyllic beaches of Cala Conta, Cala Tarida and Cala Bassa.

    Ibiza is famous for its sunsets and the west side of San Antonio is really popular with people wanting to see this beautiful scene. There are many cafes and bars there, although they are all super popular and in the height of summer require a reservation.

    The nightlife in San Antonio is none of the liveliest in Ibiza with a mass of buy one get one free drink offers, the streets are sprinkled with famous bars and clubs which are packed every night from 7pm until the early hours of the morning almost every day.

  • Come fly to us…

    Just about every airline in Europe flies to Ibiza, so it’s not hard to get a cheap flight. Check out a flight comparison website like Skyscanner, or Kayak, for the best deals.

    Once you get to Ibiza airport take the bus L10 from Ponderos V to I Macabich. Farmacia. You then need to catch the L3 from EIVISSA I. Macabich, 12 to Estació Bus Sant Antoni de Portmany. Once you’re booked in you will be able to check out these specific directions door to door in Google Maps.

    Duration: 1 hour 10 mins

    Cost: €4-6
    If you arrive outside of bus operating times, you can take a taxi which will set you back around €30 (sharing is caring)

    By boat

    Book your ferry with us from Barcelona to Ibiza and back, email info@stoketravel.com for more

  • What should I bring? 

    Sunscreen and sunnies, something awesome to party in, condoms (better safe than sorry) and a camera!

    Is Ibiza hot at this time of year?

    Ibiza in March/April is mild and sunny. It might not be scorching hot yet, but we have such a full party itinerary, you won’t need countless hours of suntanning.

    Are there boats from Barcelona to Ibiza?
    Normally yes, but if the add-on option is not available on our booking system, then the boats either have not released the dates and prices yet, or they are not running at this time of year.

    Is the accommodation in Ibiza all inclusive?
    No, but the trip’s so cheap anyway, and we have some good deals going in the hotel too.

    Stoke Travel, I’m an attention seeker and I don’t eat meat!
    Don’t worry there little one, there are plenty of vegetarian friendly options in Ibiza. Get on it!

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  • What I most loved about Spring Break Ibiza were the phenomenal guides. They became more than just guides to the travellers, they became good friends as well - Greta, Bulgaria

  • Travelling to Ibiza was one of the best trips I ever did! I had an awesome time, the best group leader and there was plenty of partying - Anabel, the Netherlands

  • There wasn’t anything I didn’t love about Spring Break Ibiza! Cool staff, fun parties, good prices for the clubs and nice people everywhere! - Mark, Germany

  • Best travel company in a long time! Had an amazing trip going to Spring Break Ibiza! Will definitely go in 2017 - Anna, Spain

  • All my friends are in agreement that we couldn't have asked for better guides. Those three greatly contributed to the weekend in Ibiza being one of the best! - Dave, USA