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    St Patrick’s Day 2018
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    St Patrick’s Day 2018
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    St Patrick’s Day 2018

St Patrick’s Day 2018

Kilkenny & Dublin, Ireland

It’s the Irish party celebrated the world over and this year Stoke will be donning the green and filling up on Guinness in Dublin, the place with the biggest St Patrick’s festival parade, as well as the tastiest Guinness and Irish whisky. For St Pat’s Day 2018 we’ll be staying three nights in a Kilkenny hostel, eating a daily Guinness fuelled Irish breakfast, and testing the local cuisine with traditional Guinness soaked Irish dinner (potatoes included), with round trip transfers from the hostel into Dublin for the Saint Patrick’s parade and throwing parties of our own to make leprechauns of ourselves, while we cover our outsides in green and fill our insides with black beer.


Saint Patrick’s festival takes place in Dublin every year, featuring the famous and fabulous St Patrick’s Day parade. It is a celebration of all things Irish, or music and art and food and of course throwing your arm around a stranger and belting out a drunken song or 50. Here you’ll fiddle with Irish beauties, jig your day away with someone called Paddy, drink too much whisky and write emotional poetry, etc. You’ll also just get down to the serious and splendid business of partying in the streets and bars, enjoying the Irish hospitality on their biggest day of the year and bearing witness as this creative nation shows you the best it has to offer.

The theme of the day is green, so make sure you come clad in your luckiest clover-coloured gear, dye your hair red if you really want to fit in, wear one of those little hats that leprechauns sport and get ready to party like the Irish — a lot, drunkenly, and very, very cheerfully.


It’s one of Europe’s most famous parties, and as the European festival travel experts it makes sense that we’d get involved. Stoke Travel is going to make sure that every waking minute of the trip is some kind of celebration, with our festival within a festival style of party travel. We’ll be throwing our own parties, doing walking tours and making sure that the whole time we’re there you’re never too far from a pint of Ireland’s famous Guinness. We’re providing breakfast for every morning of the trip, and dinner, as well as putting you in a group of likeminded party people from around the world.


We’ll be based in Kilkenny, which is Ireland’s party capital and a beautiful town conveniently located between the popular airports of Dublin and Cork. Our main focus for St Patrick’s Day is heading into Dublin where’ll we will be having all the FUN with a side of sightseeing. While there we can visit the world famous Temple Bar, do a tour of the Guinness storehouse, take a trip to the old Jameson distillery, try and wrap our heads around Gaelic football, search for a four leaf, take in the cities churches, parks and castles, try Irish stew, and basically fulfil all the Irish stereotypes we’ve heard so much about over the years. With Stoke you know that you won’t be stuck on some boring, bland tours, because we’ll constantly be putting you in the good times, and if that means a lot of partying, then so be it.
Interested in extra nights? Email info@stoketravel.com for more information.


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Key Features

  • Where: Kilkenny & Dublin, Ireland
  • When: 16 - 19 March
  • How: Meet us in Kilkenny, Ireland's party capital.
  • Age: Young at heart traveller 18+
  • Sleep: Hostel style accommodation
  • Eat: Daily breakfast & a special traditional irish dinner
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  • Includes:

    Hostel accommodation
    Daily breakfast
    A Traditional Irish dinner
    Brewery tour
    Return shuttles to Dublin for the St Patrick’s Day party & parade
    Stoke guide


    Walking tour
    Leprechaun hunting

  • Itinerary:

    16 March: Arrive in Kilkenny. Your guide will be at the hostel waiting for you. We’ll check out some bars tonight on a welcome pub crawl if you choose or have an early night to prepare yourself for the antics of tomorrow.

    17 March: Today’s the day, St Patrick’s Day! We’ll wake up early for a hearty breakfast before jumping on the private bus to Dublin and claiming a prime spot for the famous parade. We’ll check out some pubs, down some Guinness before jumping on the bus and carrying on the party in Kilkenny.  We’ll experience some authentic Paddy’s Day celebrations in our favourite bars in the town and taking in some of the local St Patrick’s Day Music festival.

    18 March: Wake up slow, yesterday was a big day! Refuel for breakfast and take some free time this morning to explore the city.  This afternoon we’ll meet for a late lunch/early dinner at the oldest tavern in Kilkenny with complementary Guinness and Irish liquor.  Tonight we can hit the town on last time.

    19 March:  We should have well and truly excelled ourselves at partying Irish-style and we could possibly be broken. We’ll struggle our way through goodbyes, but not before we’ve swapped Facebooks and photos and planned our next trip with Stoke Travel!

  • Kilkenny, Ireland

    Kilkenny is a beautiful, medieval town located in the southeast of Ireland. It is conveniently located between the popular airports of Dublin and Cork.

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