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Stoke Retreats Tenerife

Winter is coming… but not to the Canary Islands! So book your escape from the cold now and guarantee your place in our beautiful sea-view lodge in the eternal sunshine of Tenerife.

Year-round sunshine, spiritual escape and adventure-sports haven.

Our retreats are held in our beautiful finca overlooking the sea with 12,000 of space to play in which includes a swimming pool, volleyball court, slacklines, yoga platform, hammocks, vegetable garden, caves, open-air roof and different eating and chill-out areas.








What’s Included?

  • Three healthy, wholesome and homemade meals a day prepared by our Spanish chef.
  • Comfortable and stylish accommodation either in shared apartments, rooms or glamping tents.
  • Wi-Fi, electricity, bedding and towels included.
  • Daily yoga class with a sea-view with our experienced, qualified instructor who gives a variety of styles including Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga.
  • Guided meditations.
  • Two Intensive Iceman worksshop on the Wim Hof Method with Anastasis Tzanis.
  • Acro-yoga Jam -partner acrobatic yoga to get your body moving in ways you never knew possible.
  • Hilarious bootcamp obstacle race and fun warm-up games
  • Beach trip – unwind, sunbath and play in the sand
  • Welcome presentation, dinner and Carnaval themed party.
  • Evening bonfire with music jam session.
  • Night-time massage workshop – for ultimate relaxation and Zen.









Choose between our different accommodation options at check-out.

  • Poolside dorm room (6 pax) with comfy beds, bedding and lockers.
  • Quad glamping tee-pee (4 pax) with furniture, bedding and proper double or single beds upon request.
  • Quad room in the main house with double or single beds on request and bedding.
  • Apartment (4 pax) which can be booked for a group of four to make it private or shared. Each apartment has private bathroom and kitchen.
  • Double room with big double bed for couples or complete privacy for two friends travelling together.

Choose your accommodation at check-out.

Extra Optional Activities:

Tenerife has more adventure sports than you can shake a stick at. Whilst you are here you can also enjoy some of our fantastic optional extra activities:

  • Paragliding – fly like a bird over amazing volcanic scenery.
  • Climbing – Rock-climb in one of the hotspots of Europe.
  • Surfing – Beginner surf lessons on the nearest beach to our lodge, perfect for newbies.
  • Star gazing on top of a volcano – go and see the incredibly clear night sky from the top of el Teide Volcano whilst enjoying a pack-up dinner and vino.
  • Hike in the magical Anaga Natural Park and explore its mystic native pine forest.
  • Scuba Diving – Explore the underwater volcanic landscape of Tenerife and its diverse sea life.
  • Canyoning – thrill-seekers will be in heaven on a canyoning adventure, jumping, tobogganing and abseiling through fresh-water mountain gorges.

If you’re ready to make awesome new friends, feel fantastic and reach buddha-like serenity while having a fun and relaxing holiday, then join us in Tenerife for the time of your life!


Tenerife hosts the second biggest carnival in the world after Rio de Janeiro – and many may say the most fun – because this one is all about you getting into costume and out of your inhibitions.

And this year’s Carnival just so happens to fall smack bang in the middle of our Tenerife Retreat, which is why we will be offering guests one of the most authentic cultural experiences of the Canary Islands, with an optional Carnival night add-on.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of people in costume roaming the small capital of Santa Cruz – a group of cavemen flirting with sailor girls, who dance with men in flamenco dresses, while drunk superheroes run around the streets making mischief.

The city comes alive with dancing and merry making across hundreds of different concert stages, music stations, moving floats with dancing people on them blasting out music, and drinks and food stalls.

Alternatively choose our 4-day carnival and retreat package from the 1st – 5th March, which includes two nights at carnival plus all the health and wellness goodies.

Combine a crazy carnival experience with a few days of rest and relaxation  – the perfect combination of ying and yang.

Natural High Iceman Weekend Retreat

Wim Hof, also known as The Iceman, is a Dutch extreme athlete and spiritual guru, noted for his ability to withstand extreme cold who holds 26 world records including longest ice bath.
His science-defying cold exposure and breathing techniques are taking the world by storm and we are flying over one of his students, a certified instuctors of this method.
Anastasis Tzanis aka The Nutritionist Yogi trained with Wim Hof in 2016 and has since been tirelessly developing his technique to transform peoples lives forever.

His training incorporates three main principles, which include breath control, meditation and cold exposure and promise to help those who learn it combat stress, illness and harness their immense inner power.


So applying this to life as a Stokie; here’s 5 ways this amazing knowledge will benefit your life in real terms:
  • Holding your breath for an extended amount of time – enabling you to win all the underwater swimming races and beer-chugging contests forever after.
  • Master the cold – not only is cold exposure proven to have an extensive list of health benefits, it will also allow you to keep your cool without getting cold on a night-time skinny dip with that gorgeous hunk you’ve been getting to know on a Stoke Retreat.
  • Learn how to harness your incredible mental power, enabling you to fight illness, reach zen-like status, de-stress, and most importantly – fend off those pesky hangovers.
  • Master the art of meditation and how to live in the present moment – this will enable you to truly grasp what an awesome time you are having with Stoke.
  • Release endorphins and get high on life’s natural drugs – here you might realise you may have been doing it all wrong all these years when just a bit of oxygen can take you to a state of euphoria – for free and without the come-down.
Yes! Cold exposure and these breath control exercises have proven to strengthen your immune system, aid fat-loss, improve sleep, release endorphins, balance hormone levels, give you more energy and reduce stress levels – what more could you ask for?
There will be various workshops over the weekend which will cover the following:
  • Learning the Wim Hof Method Breathing technique
  • 2 x yoga practice incorporating simple breath work
  • 2 x long breathing/meditation session
  • A presentation of the science behind cold exposure
  • 2 x ice bath

The cold therapy workshops will be held on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March.

Simply click book now on the Winter Warmer box and book from the 1 – 4th to guarantee your place on this fantastic workshop on a three day retreat or stay longer to enjoy all the other retreat activities.

Minimum 3 night stay from just 270 euros with food accommodation and activties incuded.

Book Now

Key Features

  • Where: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
  • When: 1st of March until the 9th of March 2019
  • How: Meet us there!
  • Sleep: Sleep in comfortable and stylish accommodation in the main house, apartments or glamping tee-pees.
  • Eat: Freshly prepared vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner included.





>>> Trip Options <<<

Mar 1 - Mar 6


Choose your dates

€ 90

More Info Book Now


At Stoke we like to be flexible, which is why we allow guests to choose their own dates and make a bespoke retreat to match your exact needs.

Minimum stay is 3 nights.

Stay for a week and get a bonkers 20% off, get in touch at lisa@stoke-retreats.com to get your special rate.

For more info or any inquiries please get in touch with our Stoke Retreats director on the e-mail above.

1 - 5 March


Yin meets Yang

€ 395

More Info Book Now


This amazing 4-day package includes 4 days re-treating yourself with yoga, healthy food, fun games, a bonfire jam session, fun party games and 2 nights at carnival on Fruday and Monday night with pre-drinks, guides, transport and fancy dress items – but if you have something special of your own don’t forget to bring it.

Guests will stay in shared accommodation, to upgrade to private e-mail lisa@stoke-retreats.com

  • Arrival Day: Check-in anytime during the day, settle in and relax.

    16.00: Accommodation available.

    19.00: Dinner and getting to know each other games.

    Guide Itinerary:

    8:30 – 9:30: Reconnect with morning yoga surrounded by beautiful nature.

    9:30 – 10:30:  – A hearty and fresh breakfast to recharge for the day.

    11.00 – 11:30: A fun warm-up game to break the ice and get your body moving.

    11:30 – 13.30:  Educational workshops eg. plant-based nutrition, public speaking, iceman breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation in movement.

    13:30 – 14.30: A wholesome homemade lunch will be served.

    14:30 – 16.00: – Free time for reading, relaxing, siesta, chatting with your new friends or pool/beach time.

    16:00 – 19:30: – Dynamic afternoon activity such as sports, acro-yoga, mini-olympics, gymkhana, orientation, hiking, snorkelling, beach trip or extra optional activity.

    20:00 – 21:00: – Get stuck into a hearty nutritious dinner.

    21:00 – 23:30: – Night-time activity eg Dance class, massage workshop,, bonfire jam session, live music.

  • Make your own way there by plane or boat to Tenerife North or South Airport from where you can catch a bus or Taxi to the lodge.

    It is 25 minutes away from the south airport and 45 minutes from the north.

    Every Saturday we will run transfers continual transfers to and from the south airport, north airport and ferry port.

    Please get in touch and let us know your arrival time and flight details.



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      Retreat yooooo’self…!! Amazing experience guys, really the perfect oportunity to find the balance between mind, body and spirit. Thanks sólo lo mucho, see yo next year!!

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