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Stoke Retreats

Different Locations Across Europe / Every Month

(Re)treat yo’self

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Are you not having enough fun in life? Stoke has the answer

Do you feel bad? Maybe not bad, per se, but just that you could feel better. Or maybe you feel fantastic, but you know that there’s always room for improvement.

Maybe you feel a little under the weather because you’ve been partying too hard (if you’ve recently been on a Stoke Travel trip that could be the case); or sometimes you don’t feel so bright because you just haven’t been having enough fun.

We get it. This modern life can be taxing, at times.

There’s a solution to feeling a little flat, and it’s the simplest thing in the world… All you have to do to bounce back and feel wonderful again is invest a little time in yourself. In doing things that make you feel nice, both inside and out. Letting your inner child out to play, taking a step back and making sure that whatever it is you’re doing, it’s good for you, and it’s making you smile.

The solution is spending a little time treating yourself.

Health and Wellness Retreats Made Fun

Obviously. We’re aware that when you think Stoke Travel you don’t think health or wellness. You think Europe’s biggest festivals, and unlimited beer and sangria, and so on. And that is us, but so is this. Why, as they say, can’t we have both?

A Stoke Retreat is a place where having fun is the main objective of every day. Where your happiness is the only thing that concerns us. We take all the elements of a health and wellness retreat, all the bending and stretching and wholesome eating and deep breathing and meditation – all of that stuff – and we “Stokeify” it. We make it so it’s not intimidating, not so serious. We make it so that while you’re treating yourself, you’re absolutely enjoying yourself.  

See, we think that having a fabulous time should be the main aim of any health and wellness retreat, of life itself infact, and seeing as though Stoke Travel’s speciality is creating memories that you’ll never forget, who better to make retreats fun than us?

A Soul Searching Journey To A Joyfully Healthy World Of Fun

The beauty of all this is that finding yourself doesn’t have to be entirely your responsibility. How can you treat yourself when you have to stress about finding somewhere comfortable to sleep, cooking your own nourishing food, driving yourself to the beach, or scheduling in your yoga, meditation, whatever!

You already have everything you need to feel good, we’ll just help you find it. At a Stoke Retreat this is all organised for you, so much so that all you have to do is fly in and bring sunscreen.

And if you don’t want to do everything scheduled then don’t! If you’d rather lounge around all day and read a book, then that’s what you do. If you want to have your first glass of wine before lunch, who are we to judge?

A Stoke Retreat, whether it’s in Tenerife, Ibiza, San Sebastian, or wherever we may be, is about you doing you, we just help you along with the experience.

So Much More Than Surf and Yoga

We’re not just another surf and yoga retreat. Yes, absolutely, surfing and yoga play a part in most of our retreats, but they’re just another activity. We don’t expect you to arrive with saltwater in your veins and your heels on the back of your head. You don’t have to have any experience in anything that we do. Stoke Retreats is for all levels of experience and enthusiasm; the only thing we need from you is a willingness to enjoy yourself. That’s it.

Health and Wellness and Rock and Roll

And yeah, being Stoke Travel of course we’re going to find a way to party if that’s what the people want. Because it’s all about moderation, right? Even in moderation itself.

In fact, our Tenerife retreats are their busiest during Carnival, which is the biggest party of its kind outside of Rio. We can also guide you to a superclub or crazy boat parties in party-capital Ibiza, inbetween meditating and cliff-jumping of course.

Because who says you can’t have a bit of ying with your yang? Not Stoke my amigos… We believe it’s all about balance, and its up to each person to find theirs. Plus, that bottle of vino tinto is good for circulation right?

Less Booze, More Snooze; Hugs Not Drugs

Our main aim will always be making you feel fantastic. Which is why you will enjoy three healthy and wholesome homemade meals a day, morning yoga and meditation, outdoor sports, fitness classes, games and educational workshops that will enrich your mind, body and soul like never before.

In the evening there will also be a whole host of activities such as hilarious getting to know each other games, dance classes, bonfires, live music and lots more surprises – See inclusions for more details.

Fall Back in Love with Life at Stoke Retreats

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Key Features

  • Where: Tenerife, Ibiza and San Sebastian with more locations popping up around Europe this summer.
  • When: All Year Long
  • How: Meet us at the destination.
  • Age: 18+
  • Sleep: Comfortable private or shared accommodation (see trip options for more details)
  • Eat: 3 healthy, vegetarian meals a day





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€ 625

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Any dates in June



€ 665

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Trip option: IBIZA - SUN, SEA AND FUN



Any Dates From 3 - 31 OCT



€ 595

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    • What’s Included in the Retreat?
      • Private or shared comfortable accommodation.
      • Three healthy, wholesome and filling plant-based meals a day.
      • A whole daily programme of activities, including:
        • Daily Morning Yoga – Start off the morning the right way with a chakra-opening, muscle stretching yoga session immersed in beautiful nature.
        • Meditation – Learn the art of living in the present moment with our how to sessions on reaching guru-like status.
        • Fun and games – Our games master will help your inner child come and to play with fun warm-ups and activities such as boot-camp workouts, obstacle races, orientation in the woods and a good old fashioned gymkhana.
        • Fitness – Get your body moving with acro-yoga, slackline and handstand workshops as well as hikes, snorkelling cliff-jumping and volleyball, frisbee and football tournaments.
        • Educational workshops – Things are about to get real with our mind-expanding classes, because the brain is a muscle too. Learn how to take the reins of your own wellbeing during our workshops on energy-boosting nutrition, cooking classes, breath control and iceman breathing techniques and motivation.
        • Unwind and de-stress time for reading, relaxing, siesta, chatting with your new friends and pool/beach time.
      • Non-stop fun with night-time activities, including:
        • Bonfire – gather round the bonfire for a jam session and sing-along under the stars.
        • Live music – Enjoy some live music from our local band.
        • Games – jaw-ache inducing games to break the ice and pass the night away making magical memories.
        • Dance classes – move your body to the rhythm of the music with Latino, dancehall or ecstatic dance sessions.
        • Massage – unwind those muscles after all the sporty goodness with a massage workshop.
      • Extra optional activities may include awesome adrenaline-inducing activities such as: surfing, climbing, hiking, kayaking, paragliding, scuba diving and canyoning.
  • Guide Itinerary:

    This is a guide itinerary of what to expect from a typical day at a Stoke retreat. 

    8:30 – 9:30: Reconnect with morning yoga surrounded by beautiful nature.

    9:30 – 10:30:  – A hearty and varied breakfast to recharge for the day.

    11.00 – 11:30: A fun warm-up game to get your heart-race pulsing and break the ice.

    11:30 – 13.30:  A dynamic and educational workshop or activity to enrich your mind, body and spirit.

    13:30 – 14.30: A fresh wholesome homemade lunch will be served.

    14:30 – 16.00: – Enjoy some free time for reading, relaxing, siesta, chatting with your new friends or pool/beach time.

    16:00 – 19:30: – The afternoon session will either be an included activity or every other day a free afternoon for relaxing or to opt for an extra optional activity which depend on destination.

    20:00 – 21:00: – Get stuck into a hearty nutritious dinner.

    21:00 – 23:30: – Night-time fun with activities such as dance classes, bonfire sessions, massage workshop or games.

  • Reviews & ratings

    • Emma says:

      Perfect balance of laid-back and chill, amazingly friendly vibes and some vino to get you fluffy. And the food! Yum! And winter sun.. safe to say I’d go back in a heart beat! Muchas love

    • Mili says:

      An amazing retreat to meet wonderful people from all around the world, learn, share and enjoy! All the activities were dynamic and fun and well organised, food was healthy and delicious, and the place was a natural paradise in the always sunny Tenerife. What else can I ask for? Looking forward for the next trip!
      Thank you guys for everything!

    • I had a great time at the retreat, which was incredibly rewarding. I never expected to truely learn how to meditate!! There was such a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the amazing crew I felt right at home. The accomodation and food was beyond my expectations too. As they say your vibe attracts your tribe, and these guys really do have a vibe you just can´t get enough of! Thanks!!!

    • Alberto says:

      Awesome long weekend in tenerife, non-stops laughs, met some really cool people and practiced my English. Defo recommend and hope to come back soon!

    • Maria Vazquez says:

      Had such a great time, went on my own and met loads of nice people, I really liked trying new things and the stoke team made everything a lot of fun. Thanks guys and i cant wait to come back!

    • Martin Cuthbertson says:

      One word: AMAZING
      Love doing yoga and meditation anyway, but this was an awesome blend of them and fun. Met some great people and had a brilliant time, would defo recommend this for anyone that is into mindfulness, meeting new people and having a great time. Can’t wait for my next retreat!! Thanks guys!!

    • Nadine says:

      Thanks to everyone of you lovely people at the stoke retreat!!! I had such an amazing week, with the most delicious food and loads of inspiring workshops to choose from. Definitly want to keep up that healty lifestyle I experienced through you! I’ll be coming back for sure, craving some sunshine already again!

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