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    Travel Writing Workshops Spain

Travel Writing Workshops Spain

All Across Spain

Travel Spain this summer and improve your travel writing with Stoke Travel and Global Hobo’s month-long mobile writing workshops/Spanish roadtrips. We will roll through the Spanish peninsular, from Barcelona to Madrid, Mediterranean to Atlantic, through wine country, along the beaches and in the mountains, travelling with mentors experienced in the travel writing world, perfecting our penmanship and learning valuable industry secrets. The tour will have its own Spanish language teacher, so we can better our español every day, and make sure that we have the right balance between learning, seeing the sights and relaxing/letting our hair down.

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This isn’t just some straight-laced writing course run by burned out has beens. The travel writing workshops are all about experiencing the places we’re in, having the most fun, learning everything we can, interacting with the locals, and then documenting it all with pitch-ready pieces in whichever style and medium you’re passionate about. Our mentors are all published professionals who have worked for a variety of publications including Australia’s ABC, Vice and Stab magazines, and they are passionate about the travel writing craft and about getting new talent published and seen.

We’ll be doing a variety of classes in all the fantastic locations we visit, as well as completing our own travel writing projects. We will mix up actual classroom time with workshops on the road and in the field, and every lesson will be more of an open discussion than a boring lecture. Our mentors are on hand to help you become the travel writer and content creator you want to be.


We’re going to learn Spanish while experiencing the most visited sites, and off-the-beaten-track locations of this amazing country. The travel writing workshops begin in Barcelona and take us to San Sebastian, Madrid and Valencia, with stops in La Rioja’s wine country, a castle in Spain’s coastal mountains and Andalucia. We’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience the local gastronomy, chat with the locals, take siestas and maybe even find ourselves in the middle of Spain’s crazy fiestas. We will surf, spend too much time in discotheques, and finally lock down which Spanish red we prefer.

Our Spanish teacher is one of us and they will travel with us on the tour, making sure that we’re learning the language constantly while we’re on the road. We will learn the Spanish that’s actually in use, the one spoken over long afternoons in the sun sitting in terraces drinking and chatting. We won’t become fluent in the month that we’re there, but we will become confident to speak Spanish and be well on our way to making the locals laugh and maybe even love us a little.


Global Hobo is the go-to platform for travel savvy dirtbags, and their writing workshops have helped scores of young writers take their craft to the next level in Tokyo and Bali. The Spanish workshop is Global Hobo’s first that travels around the country, taking in multiple locations instead of being based in just one. Global Hobo believe in working with your ideas and style and making you the writer you want to be, while helping you navigate a sometimes tricky industry. The aim of this workshop, apart from having the best time ever while seeing Spain, is to get published and be confident that you can do so again and again.

Partnering on the tour with Stoke Travel means that you know the balance between learning and hedonism will be a good one, and we’ll make sure that the workshops take in at least one Stoke Travel festival – whether it’s the Wine Fight of La Rioja, or Valencia’s La Tomatina.

€2500EUR/$3999AUD per person to cover accommodation, writing workshops, language classes and transport.

Stoke Travel has partnered with Global Hobo for month-long travel writing workshops in June, July and August of 2019. The workshops can count towards university credit, and will act as an invaluable addition to your writing resume. Interested? To apply, or for more details, email internships@globalhobo.com.au and make the subject line STOKE TRAVEL.

June/July 2019August 2019

€ 2500

Key Features

  • Where: All Across Spain
  • When: June - August 2019
  • Age: 18 +





    • Daily workshops focussing on travel writing, blogging, vlogging and other modern media-related classes to take your passion for travel writing to the next level. Our mentors have worked for a variety of publications, including Global Hobo, Stab, the ABC, Monster Children, Vice and more. All the classes are intended to help you build a career as a copywriter, travel writer, freelancer or any type of content creator.
    • A month of Spanish classes
    • 28 nights’ accommodation across Spain, including five nights in Barcelona, two nights in the mountains, five nights in San Sebastian, two nights in red wine country, five nights in Madrid, two nights in Andalusia, five nights in Valencia, two nights in Tarragona, then back to Barcelona.
    • All coach travel from Barcelona San Sebastian and Madrid and everywhere in between
    • Potential university credit
    • Flights are not included!
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