VIDEO: Barcelona Study Abroad With Stoke Travel

Now look, we’re not purporting to contribute to your academic career in any tangible way, but a little rest, relaxation and a healthy dose of letting-your-hair-down never hurt anybody.

In fact, in a study-abroad semester it’s almost safe to say that going on Stoke Travel trips and attending our party nights is probably more beneficial to a well-rounded semester abroad than a monastic shying away from Barcelona’s nocturnal temptations and Europe’s greatest party trips.

Coming up this spring, study abroaders who fancy themselves as being ore intrepid than the rest of the pack can join us at Sitges Carnival, Andorra ski weekend, Las Fallas, Springbreak Ibiza and Springfest, or do yourself a favour and check out the Stoke Travel Passport for the best travel deal this side of the Atlantic.