How do I make a booking?

After you’ve taken a look at all our legendary trips and events, you have several options to book the one that excites you the most: through the BOOK NOW button on the webpage of each trip, directly email info@stoketravel.com or give us a call and we will walk you through it.
US +1 619 354 5114
ES +34 937 370 373
UK +44 20 376 97366
AU +61 291 889 320

What is a PROMOCODE and how do I use it?

A promo code is a code from one of our beautiful promoters or agents which enables you to get freebies / discounts. To add your promo code it is the first page after you click ‘Book Now’ on the right hand side. If by chance you miss the space, email info@stoketravel.com within 24 hours of making your booking and we can add it.

What do Quotation/Provisional/Confirmation status mean?

– Quotation means you’ve created an inquiry with us- you’re registered on the system but your spot won’t be confirmed until the total payment is made!
– Provisional means you’ve created the booking and paid a part of it- don’t worry, your spot is confirmed and you have until 2 weeks before the start of your trip to pay the rest of the balance!
– Confirmed means you’ve paid 100% of the balance- your spot is confirmed, you’re officially on our guest list, and we are getting excited to party with you!

Can I change my booking?

If you need to edit your booking at any time (to include extra people, add-on options, change dates, etc.) just email us.
If you have any questions or need to make any adjustments in regard to your booking just email info@stoketravel.com

What are my tent options?

The standard accommodation at our campsites are shared twin tents. However, there are always upgrade options which different for each trip, add them on if you want to sleep in more comfort (glamping), alone (solo tent) or in groups (teepees)!
*For some trips, you will be sleeping in hostels, in 4-6 dorm room style bunk beds. There are also upgrades available for more privacy (single or double rooms).

What are the campsites like?

Our campsite bring the free spirit in the straighty 180 out, we have huge campsite parties which attract like minded travellers who are here for a good time not a long time. We have bathrooms, showers, kitchen, a Guru tent where you can buy all types of Stoke goodies, unlimited beer and sangria on offer (at most events*)

Can I be put in the same room/tent as my friend?

Checking in together will ensure that you guys are in the same tent, if they are arriving later just make sure to let our friendly receptionists know.
Also just send us an email to give us a heads up, with your arrival and departure times, and we’ll make a note on your booking.

What are the check-in / check-out times?

Check-in normally starts at 2pm and you must check-out by 11am.
If you are arriving/leaving outside these times, there is no problemo… we can store your luggage and send you off to the bar to grab some drinks while you wait!

Are meals included in my trip & how?

Our standard meal plan includes daily hot breakfast and a delicious dinner each night (distribution: dinner on day of check-in, breakfast on day of check-out). Some packages include the full deal (daily breakfast, lunch and dinner), which will be served at the Stoke site. Check out the specific Trip Options to see all the details for each trip.

I have special dietary requirements, what do I do?

Our head chef loves to cater to all our Stokies, no matter how special, so if you have and dietary requirements make sure to let us know when you make your booking, and he’ll prepare delicious options you can enjoy!

What do you mean by Meet Us There vs. Ride With Us?

Ride With Us means you are purchasing a package that includes round-trip transportation to and from the city of origin. Meet Us There means you want to be free and are arranging your own transportation to/from the event. For most events and festivals, one-way transportation can also be arranged. Check out the details on each Trip’s Option section and email us if you’d like to add it on to your booking.

Is transportation included in the price of my trip?

Transportation is included in a Ride With Us package but not the Meet Us There. Our transport is always a comfy and affordable way to meet the weirdos that you will be partying with!
Transportation between festivals, and transfers to/from our sites are usually available but not included in the price. Once you add-on the option to your booking you will see a surcharge to pay.

At what time are the buses leaving?

Check out your trip’s Itinerary section, there you will find all the details about transportation. If they’re not there, it means they are in the final process of being confirmed. If you are unsure just email info@stoketravel.com and the friendly team will help as much as they can.
All of the departure times will be in the pre-departure email, keep an eye out for these at least 2 weeks before departure.
IMPORTANT- Keep in mind that these transportation times are always subject to change due to variables out of our control (eg. traffic, weather). We never recommend booking transport on the same date as arrival.

Where do the buses leave from?

You will get all of the details in your pre-departure information email, if you are needing it urgently email info@stoketravel.com

How secure are your campsites?

Our campsites have 24/7 security and lots of Stoke staff looking out for you and your belongings- just don’t leave your shit lying around or lose it drunk and you’ll be all good!
Options to make you feel safer:
-Padlocks for sale from our Guru tent to lock up the tents (only if you are sharing with a friend or have given a spare key to your tent buddy)
– Upgrade to a solo tent (only €20 extra per night)

I’ve lost my property, how can I get it back?

We try our very hardest to get all lost property returned to their owners. Email or call us as soon as possible with a description of what you have lost. If you are still at the festival come up to reception where we have a lost property form. If you have left the campsite we can send it to you (you’d have to pay to postage fee) or you can pick it up from our office in Barcelona.

What methods of payments do you accept?

You can pay with a debit, credit card, American Express, Paypal or via bank transfer. Payment by cash is also possible directly at our Stoke offices, if you happen to be in Barcelona!
* Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express cards for payments made in GBP (£).

What do I do if my payment link is not working?

We’re real sorry you’re having problems paying! Send us an email so we can give you a working payment link, or either give us a call on +34 931 067 942 or give us your number (with country code) so we can call you to make the payment over the phone (only for payments in EUR (€)).

Can we make a group booking but pay separately?

Hell yeah you can, if you make a group booking & we have all of the guests’ email addresses our snazzy system will send individual payment links. If by chance you want to pay more just send us an email and we can arrange alternative payment links.

What are your cancellation policies?

Click here to check out our terms and conditions.

I can’t come on my trip, what can I do?

We’re so sad you won’t be able to come on this trip, but we don’t want you to miss out on travelling and partying with us! Contact us and we’ll find a good solution for you- changing the name on the booking so you can sell the tickets to a friend, change the dates to ones that will suit you better, carrying credit over to use on future trips, or refund.

Can I get a refund?

– If you cancel 31 days before the trip start date- eligible for a full refund less 10% of the product price (minimum 15€)
– If you cancel 3-31 days from the trip start date- eligible for a refund of 50% of the product price
– If you cancel <72 hours (3 days) from the trip start date- not eligible for a refund

What events do you have in Barcelona?

We are currently cooking up tons of new events and activities in Barcelona… this is after all our home-city and we do love everything it has to offer, from its kooky architecture, it’s vintage free spirit, and its hot nights in all the best beach clubs!

What is the Stoke Passport?

Stoke Passport is your ticket to hassle-free, bespoke Stoke travel. You get four festivals for the price of three and then you let us know as little as a week before you arrive at a festival that you are coming. This allows you to go with the flow in your travel plans and not have to stick to strict schedules and cancellation policies. We want you to have the freedom to explore and follow where adventure may lead.

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