How can I get social with Stoke?

Use #stoketravel or tag us @stoketravel

How can I be kept up to date?

Easy peasy! Join our pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  or put your email address below to opt in to receive our fortnightly boozeletter.

Can I travel solo?

Yup! At Stoke, we are all about making friends and becoming besties over a few beers. We don’t care about cultural difference, sexual orientation or language barriers. All we want is to have a good time with you and for you to have a good time too.

How can I make payment?

Log into your account online from the details we sent you in an email. You can pay your balance there. Or follow the link in your provisional booking confirmation.

How do I change my booking?

Just email info@stoketravel.com to edit your booking details.

Is Stoke an Australian company?

No, it is a Spanish registered company but Australian owned and internationally staffed with a band of vagabonds hell bent on good times and pushing boundaries.

When did Stoke start?

Officially in 2008. We started as a group of surfers with a van and no plan. We loaded boards on the roof and picked up stragglers along the way and the first surfari was formed. We then set up shop in San Sebastian and started spreading our tentacles to the rest of Spain and then Europe. Now we’ve moved our nest to Barcelona from whence we weave our web of Stoke products and churn out Stokies for the world to despise or enjoy.

Is the beer & sangria really unlimited?

Oh yes! That is, within each campsites restrictions, but generally from 8am to 11pm or midnight, you can drown out reason and embrace the ambience with our ever-flowing ambrosia, for only €10 per day!

How do I become a Stokie?

If you want to travel with us, book a trip! If you want to work with us, head to the jobs page and we’ll see if you have what it takes… which is a strong stomach, a high alcohol tolerance and a good attitude and sense of humour.

Where are Stoke offices located?

In Barcelona near Universitat metro. Carrer Muntaner no 81, Sobreatico 2A. Come visit us! We have a beer tap in our office… and a popcorn machine and a candy floss machine… because why not?

I have not received the infosheet - what do I do?

There is a link to the infosheet on the trip page where you booked. So just head back there and you’ll see the link. If you need any additional info, email info@stoketravel.com.

Where’s the information on how to get there?

Head over to the page of your trip and scroll down. You’ll see the map and the directions on how to get there.

What amenities are available at the campsites?

Every campsite we use has hot showers (1€ in Munich), laundry facilities, a cafe and bar, a general store, lockers (at Munich and Ibiza only).
At our camp area we offer charging stations, valuable storage, locks for tents, Stoke swag and much more.

What deposit is required to book?

To book, we ask for a 50% deposit per person. Your balance needs to be paid 2 weeks before arriving. *Boat parties and day trips need to be paid for 100% on booking.

What types of payment do you accept?

You can pay with a debit or credit card, via Paypal or via bank transfer.

Passport holders can add on buses… where they can find those prices?


What is a Stoke Passport?

Stoke Passport is your ticket to hassle-free, bespoke Stoke travel. You get four festivals for the price of three and then you let us know a week before you arrive at a festival that you are coming. This allows you to go with the flow in your travel plans and not have to stick to strict schedules and cancellation policies. We want you to have the freedom to explore and follow where adventure may lead.

Can goats really climb trees?

Indeed they can. Only in Africa though. And only if it’s an argan tree and they want the nut. Otherwise they are content with garbage bins and small hillocks.

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