Best Instagram Locations: Ibiza

Spring Break Ibiza is right around the corner. You’ve put in hours of hard work trying to come up with the ultimate packing list –  New bikini? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Condoms? You really should. You’ve got all the gear that will make everyone back home cringe with jealousy while they scroll through your Instagram feed. Only problem is, you don’t know where the picture-worthy spots are around the island.

Don’t worry mates, we’re on your team. With Spring Break Ibiza coming up, we want to help you double your follower count and boost that Insta-fame feeling that we all wish we could achieve. We’ve put together a foolproof list of the best spots in Ibiza for Insta-lovers all over the world.

Es Vedra

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Although you can’t actually get on the eerie, uninhabited limestone rock that protrudes from the beautiful blue waters surrounding Ibiza, the view from Cala d’ Hort is where you want to head. Aside from the Instagram-worthy footage to be captured, Es Vedra is also known for it’s unexplainable, hair-raising occurrences that include UFO sightings, strange lights and noises, underwater paranormal activity, and effects similar to the world famous Bermuda Triangle.This spook-tabulous place is also known to be the one of the largest magnetic spots in the world, in turn making it an ideal place for meditation and healing. So grab your camera and yoga mats and head down to Cala d’ Hort and get your namaste on.

Sa Trinxa

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Grab your bikinis or your birthday suit (welcome to the best nude beach around) and head out onto the green pier that is located on Las Salinas beach. Sa Trinxa is the shack-like beach bar that is located right on the beach. All around you will have panty-dropping views of the beaches and waters, but for that photo that will gain you millions of likes (it’s been scientifically proven), head towards the green pier that rests in the water and strike up your best pose. Bonus points if you’re topless.

Pedrera de Cala d ‘Hort

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Also known as Atlantis Beach. This one is not for the faint-hearted. This quarry of sandstone (basically a giant pit with the bluest water imaginable) is located near Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. Ideal for a birds eye view photo of you basking in the sun while floating in the water. This location is proven to make all your mates back home start to boil with jealousy.

Sa Talaia

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Alright mates, this location is ideal if you want to fool your old folks back home that you’re staying fit instead of just chugging vodka until the sun starts to rise. In order to achieve the ultimate climax, this journey is about to take a little over an hour to complete. Don’t let that stop you. There are spots along your trek where you can take a break, wipe off the sweat, strike a pose, and continue the journey. Once you’ve climaxed, you’ll get a full view of the island in all it’s green and blue glory. The ideal spot for a photo of you after your greatest achievement, perfect for a “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” caption.

Cala Conta

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Before you decide to get totally sloshed for the night, we recommend you stray away from sunset strip in San Antonio, and make your way over towards Cala Conta for one of the best sunsets that you may ever get to experience (and take photos of) in your life. Sunset Ashram, the restaurant that sits perfectly along the coast with panoramic views of the water, is what everyone is constantly raving about. If you plan on treating yourself to a fancy meal with fantastic views, good for you. For those who may have a dwindling budget, we recommend grabbing a bottle wine and heading to the beach to save some pennies. A photo of you and your mates dancing around with the sunset as your backdrop will definitely help you on your rise to Instafame. Side note: if you plan on splurging on a feast at Sunset Ashram, make sure to make reservations well in advance!

If you like long nights, beautiful women, and flippen great people then you should definitely make your way to Ibiza with us!